If you could ask Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) anything…what would you ask? #DisneyDreamWorksEvent

Did you know that <— Larry the Cable Guy is also the voice of Mater?! —>

Yes he is, and he had me hooked from the moment I saw him.  Don’t know how you can help but love Mater- such a sweet, quirky character who does right by everyone! 

As part of the Cars 2 Premiere trip I’m  taking THIS WEEK!!  I will be attending an interview session on Saturday June 18th with none other than Larry the Cable Guy/Mater!!

SO this is YOUR chance- I’ll be taking notes on what anyone (or their kids!) has always wondered about Mater, being Mater, playing Mater…and what you ask, I will be bringing along with me!!  SO, post your questions in a response here or on Facebook so I can be sure to bring them with me!![ad#glam between posts]

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  • I don't have any questions in particular because I already hounded him with questions when I met him in March during a media event. Have fun on your Disney trip and I'm sure you'll enjoy Larry's company as much as I did. He's a down-to-earth guy with a fun personality.
  • Larry the Cable guy is a perfect voice for Mater! I wonder how many of the lil "One liners" were his vs. scripted! i just want to know what it was like to be a voice of a tow truck! :) How do you "prepare yourself" or "Get yourself in the mind of..." Hope you have a great time!

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