>I’m not giving anything up for Lent.

>Someone asked recently what everyone in a group is giving up for Lent.  It got me to thinking, and my first thought was “no.  not Catholic.”  But-I read in our church newsletter this month about not giving something up for Lent but rather giving to others for Lent. Each week we are going to set aside a paper grocery bag, and put 1 item per family member into it. Sundays when we go to church we will bring the bag to donate to the local food pantry.

We aren’t Catholic so we’ve never really done giving things up for Lent, but the act of purposely and deliberately giving to others each and every week will hopefully become something meaningful to both our children and ourselves. The kids will be choosing what they donate, and this week they want to give soup and goldfish crackers, so someone can have some lunch.

What about you?  Are you giving something up for Lent, or for other reasons?  Do you have family traditions like this? 

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  • >I'm Catholic but I've always been more attracted to the idea of adding something positive to my life during Lent rather than taking something away. We all do it differently.
  • >RE: JKMommy - In essence you are giving up food you could put in your pantry.I was inspired by your post and wrote one this morning. If you have a chance pop over and see what you think. Tweet if so inclined.Blessings to your day!
  • >not catholic either, but I love this idea of giving OUT into the community instead of giving UP something yourself. I will have to try this too!
  • >I really love this idea! I wish our church would post this.
  • >I love this idea and what a great way to teach Charity to your children.

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