>In my quest for a new Coffee Maker, stumbled on this GREAT deal!! Come see!

>So I hate our coffee maker.  There, I  said it.  I feel much better now.  There’s nothing really wrong with it, but it only makes 8 cups and my husband takes 2 travel mugs to work, leaving me with 1/2 cup daily – not enough, but then I’m lazy and don’t want to make a 2nd pot because I’m nursing and shouldn’t have that much caffeine.  We need a 12 cup maker.  No more 8 cup nonsense, I say!!  Not with 3 kids-who-are-super-cute-and-hate-to-sleep in our house!!  This Mama needs caffeine in the morning!

In my searching today I stumbled on a link to Gevalia Coffee- which made me remember that my parents had Gevalia coffeemakers and coffee for YEARs and loved it.  Then, in looking at what a great offer they have right now, I realized WHY my parents loved Gevalia so much.

Gevalia=affordable. For $19.95 (which is half of what I paid for my afore-mentioned hated coffee maker) you get: 4 half pounds of Gevalia coffee (which is awesome, you can try FOUR different flavors if you want!!) PLUS a 12cup coffee maker PLUS a 14oz travel mug.  Thats $130 of products, FOR $19.95.

Um, I think my quest for a new coffee maker is over.  I wonder how fast their shipping is??!!??  
Now I have to decide what flavors to try……..decisions, decisions.

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  • >Monique- not me, husband does. I have one cup a day...his travel mugs hog most of the 8cups our maker produces!! LOL i did drink it a lot more but i'm nursing so i have to limit
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