Intimina Women’s Products (Why you may want to look into them)

intimina kegel exerciserYou know, as we age, things tend to change.  You know how it goes- pulling an all-nighter in college was nothing a little blush couldn’t hide- if I tried to cover up the effects of an all-nighter at 371/2 years I’d be wearing a ninja mask.  Skin loosens, joints creak, which I guess is probably just natural since they’ve been used for so long, and we all know how important it is to get exercise and practice healthy eating habits.  But there are other parts of our bodies, and by ours I mean women’s bodies, that also change and loosen, maybe not just with age, but are also impacted by childbirth.     Today I’m going to write about the Intimina Exercisers, to help offset some of the “loosening” of your pelvic “floor.”  (Stop right here if you don’t want to read about kegels).  Or rather, the need for products like this.  

I’m talking about your pubococcygeus muscles of the pelvic floor…kegel muscles…the muscles that help control (and I didn’t know till recently, but men can have issues with this as well, although something tells me that the Intima won’t have quite the same effect for a man as a woman). urinary incontinence and aid in childbirth.
Now, I will tell you that I have had zero experience with a vaginal childbirth.  Mine was merely an observer in the births of my children.  But being pregnant, and carrying that weight on my pelvis, combined with getting older, has left my pubococcygeus muscles, well, slackers.

Given the current state of muscle tone in my pelvic floor, I’m saying with confidence I’d be needing to do kegels every hour of every day, had I had vaginal deliveries.  My sisters warned me.  You’ll be laughing!! And you’ll pee!!  You’ll sneeze, and you’ll pee!  You’ll do a jumping jack and you’ll pee!

My sisters are all a lot older than I.  I was horrified to hear this.  My bladder is the size of a raisin.

I couldn’t fathom what they meant.

But now, having had kids? I can.  It’s real.  It isn’t a myth.  Things CHANGE in there.  Er, down there.

So ladies, be it for your personal, ahem, pleasure, or for your ability to once again do jumping jacks, sneezing or laughing, exercise ALL of your muscles.  It’s never too early to start.

Be proactive.

Do your kegels.  However you choose.  But DO THEM.

You can find the Intimina line at CVS stores for purchase.


This post is brought to you buy our friends at Intimina through my affiliation with Mom Bloggers Club.  Opinions are my own.




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  • I have heard about "tools" to help with kegals, wondered if they help - but i do remember the Sneeze and peeing thing just after having the lil one... has happened.. (Blushes)
  • I'm not quiet 30, but I do have 4 kids. So even at my tender age (lol) I know what your talking about here. Thanks for not being afraid to speak it out loud!

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