Join me to talk about bedwetting at the #WhiteCloudSleepPants Twitter Party May 30!

This post is part of a sponsored conversation for the White Cloud Sleep Pants Twitter Party about bedwetting that I have been asked to host on Thursday, May 30, 2013.
Did you know that over 5 million kids a year experience bedwetting? It is one of the most common experiences during childhood development.I, myself, was one of those 5 million, through the fourth grade. There wasn’t anything we could do except a lot of laundry. My parents tried everything, and I tried so hard, but more often than not, I woke up wet. Of course, this was back in the day when sleep pants didn’t exist yet.
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If your child wets the bed, then you know firsthand how important it is to reassure and help them feel confident while sleeping. I wish sleep pants were around when I was a kid. I had rubber pants and sheets I had to wear/use. For years. I hated it. It was loud, and it was embarassing. Thankfully, bedwetting aids have come a very long way since the early 1980s. You know, because my Annie wig and pajamas weren’t embarrassing enough (but man, did I think I was cool then).
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Sleep Pants can be expensive for parents who are trying to maintain their household budgets. White Cloud Sleep Pants offer exceptional value: each bag contains two unisex graphic designs and retail for only $7.75. What a great option that’s affordable and not rubber pants!

Come join us on Thursday, May 30 from 10:30-11:00 am PST (1:30-2:00 pm EST) to talk about Bedwetting and White Cloud Sleep Pants! You can follow along here on this TweetGrid

We will have a $200 Amazon Gift Card as the Prize, to be drawn from party participants who have also RSVP to this linky below.

See you Thursday!

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