Kid Summer Fun: Mini Glider Balance Bike

I’m going to be encouraging all of my friends and family from here on out to get a glide or balance bike, or at least borrow one. I cannot believe how long it took me to “discover” how fabulous these bikes are for children- and how much better they are in a developmental sense for kids.

Yes, it was chilly last week.  The kids had a blast on this bike- all three of them love it, although the youngest is TOO small for it.  You can see my 3.5 year old son, who gets frustrated to tears almost instantly on a 2 wheeled bike with training wheels, zipping around the driveway on this balance bike.  You wouldn’t believe how quickly he was able to get moving very fast and get his feet on the rests- and glide!!

Some things that I think parents will want to know- foam tires means no having to put air into the tires.  The assembly was quick and easy, maybe 10 minutes from the box to the driveway.  It took us a few tries to get the seat adjusted to where my son felt comfortable but once that was set, he’s been off and running (balancing, I guess!!).

Glide bikes have no pedals.  No training wheels.  They look like a regular bike, and they are a regular bike, with the exception of pedals.  There aren’t any.  These bikes help children to learn to ride a bike or to boost their confidence with balance in a natural way, at their own pace.  I’m just amazed at how fast my son gained confidence with this bike, I can’t say that enough.  He doesn’t like to do things unless he’s fairly confident he can master it himself, without help, so for him to be asking eagerly if we can go ride bikes in our driveaway, well, it makes me all kinds of happy.

Kids as little as 24 months can learn to use these bikes.  My youngest is a bit too small but I think in 2-3 months tops she’ll be starting out on this!  These are also great for children with special needs.  Kids can walk the bikes with their feet without having to go fast and put their feet to glide- or they can get going quickly and then put feet up and glide- whatever they feel comfortable with!  A wonderful self-esteem builder.
We have acquired a second bike like this and have brought both to different parks with us – they always get comments, and lots of questions from other parents. Lots of parents, like me, have heard of bikes like this but never paid a ton of attention. Seeing them in action kind of forces you to pay attention!!

Want to try a Glide Bike for yourself?  Click here to find out where you can purchase one, either online or in stores. Follow Glide Bike on Facebook for all the latest deals and products!!

I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review.  Opinions expressed within are my own.

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