Kids Frugal Fun: Egg Carton Pumpkins

Each week Mom on Dealz brings us a craft that is fun, educational, and frugal. This Friday is World Egg Day and since I love using recycled materials in crafts, I thought “Why not do some crafts with egg cartons?” Be sure to read to the bottom where there are egg related educational activities you can do with your child based on the standards of learning. Egg Carton Pumpkins
Egg Carton
Pipe cleaner or some other type of green material for top

1. Cut out 2 egg slots out of an egg carton.
2. Paint or color the 2 slots orange. Allow to dry completely.

3. Put one slot upside down on the other one and glue them together to form your “pumpkin”.
4. Poke a small hole in the top to insert your green material to create the pumpkin stem.
4. You can leave your craft plain to decorate your home with little pumpkins, or have your child decorate it to look like a jack-o-lantern.

Educational Activities:

  • Science-Kindergartens are to identify the 8 basic colors. We didn’t have orange paint so we had to combine red and yellow to create orange. We were able to discuss color mixing, as well as when you mix 2 liquids, you still get a liquid.
  • Math-1. Hard boil eggs and have fun measuring how far you can roll them. You can use standard measurement (rulers, tape measure, etc) or non-standard measurement (feet, hands, shoes, toys, etc). 2. We used triangles and squares for our jack-o-lantern face and reviewed other shapes as well.
  • Social Studies/History-Hard boil some eggs and have an egg hunt around your home. Egg hunts are not just for Easter! You can draw a map for your child and have them practice map skills/directions.
  • Language Arts-Teach your child the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty”. Reciting nursery rhymes is a big kindergarten skill!

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  • Good to know that it uses recycled materials. Thank you for this idea on how to make an egg carton pumpkin. Its a good stuff to learn for the creativity of our kid.
  • those are really cute. I like finding easy crafts to make with my preschooler. Just yesterday we created backpack zipper pulls with pony beads and pipe cleaners.
  • This is a really cute idea! Cant wait to try it with my girls!
  • I love this idea!I'm constantly trying to find things my littles can do to help decorate and get into the holidays! This is perfect! Thank you! :)
  • looks like its going to be a raining few days, with Halloween on our mind I'm happ to find new fun crafts for the kids! thanks!
  • These are great. I love Halloween & crafts. Unfortunately we don't use many eggs in our house, so egg cartons are hard to find. My store usually sells eggs in the styrofoam and not cardboard cartons. Anyone know if I need special paint or if the styrofoam cartons will work?
  • cute idea- i alwasy save them now we have something to make!!
  • these look cute.
  • This is a cute idea and I love that it uses items we already have on hand. Thanks for sharing!

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