Kids Frugal Fun: Frankenstein Treat Bag

frankenstein treat bag
Every week Momondealz brings us a kids craft that is educational and frugal!

Paper Shopping Bag
Various Colors of Construction Paper
-I realize traditional Frankenstein is green but purple is the new green in my son’s book! LOL. If you don’t feel like cutting the shapes, you can just have your child draw the face. I had Will help me with the cutting since that is an important skill, as well as the gluing of the shapes.
Educational Activities:

  • Language Arts: 1. Discuss the syllables in the word Frankenstein. Clap out the syllables with your child and then brainstorm other Halloween words and clap out the syllables for those words as well. 2. Make an acrostic poem with your child using the word Frankenstein and try to use Fall or Halloween words (F=fun, fright; R=running, rotten pumpkins; A=apples; N=night, etc). 3. Allow your child to tell or write a monster story.
  • Science: Discuss that by reusing the grocery bag you are recycling resources. Discuss the importance of taking care of resources around us and create a list of other household items you can reuse (toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, yogurt/butter/baby food containers, shoe boxes, etc).
  • Math: Have your child identify the shapes used in the craft (circles for eyes, triangles for hair, etc).

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  • This is adorable! I think dd would have a blast creating one of these!
  • This bag is adorable. I remember doing things like this when I was younger and with my children when they were younger as well. You can also think ahead for the holidays- kids can decorate these handled paper bags an dthen can be used as a gift bag for a Christmas gift. Nice way to recycle those paper bags. AND it's handmade!

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