Kids Frugal Fun: Learning with Pizza

Each week Momondealz bring you a kids craft that is fun, educational, and frugal! September 5th is Cheese Pizza Day (not national pizza day) so I couldn’t let a day honoring my favorite food pass by without having some fun with it-plus, pizza has lots of educational activities! I picked a simple but fun activity that can help with cutting and gluing skills (very important in kindergarten and beyond).
Learning With Pizza

Construction Paper

1. Sit with your child and brainstorm a list of their favorite pizza toppings.
2. Draw a thick slice of pizza and then draw all of the toppings on your list.
3. Color the slice and toppings and then allow your child to glue the toppings on their pizza.
Educational Activities:
Language Arts: 1. Brainstorming the list of activities is an important part of the writing process. After you are done with the craft your child can write the toppings in the order they added them or draw about the craft. 2. Discuss that Pizza starts with the letter P and practice writing the letter with your child. Then go on a “P Hunt” and create a list of other P words around the house or outside
Math: 1. Count each topping and add the total number of toppings. 2. For more advanced children you can discuss fractions of the toppings (the pizza is 4/5 pinapple,etc). You can also create a whole pizza and cut it into slices and do fractions that way. 3. Create a real pizza and practice measuring toppings with your child using measuring cups. 4. Discuss the shapes of your toppings and the shape of a whole pizza or slice. 5. Poll family and friends asking what their favorite toppings are and create a picture graph of their responses.
Science: Make a pizza garden with your child. Plant tomatoes, basil, and other toppings/spices. Discuss plant needs while creating the garden.

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  • Nice idea. This reminded me when my nephew had the word "we" on his spelling list he wrote it "wii" Oh the loves in our life! xoxoxo
  • That's too cute! I think I'll have to steal this one...
  • Great Craft idea! Thanks

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