Listerine Oral Care Challenge

One thing I will straight up admit to you is that I am not a good role model for oral care.  I’m not.  I would love to lie but I can’t.  I am trying to be better, which is why I took on the Listerine Oral Care Challenge.  I said earlier this year (well, way earlier, you know, around New Year’s Resolution time?) that I want to be a good model for my kids, for being healthy, taking care of myself, etc.  That includes oral care.  I do have a power toothbrush, which really helps me keep my mouth healthy as it is, but flossing?  Um, rarely.  Rinsing with an oral rinse?  Probably every blue moon or so.  You see, I kind of brush my teeth while running around getting kid things together in the morning, and standing at the sink not multitasking and swishing for 30 or 60 seconds seems an eternity- and really, just kind of doesn’t pop onto my radar. 

So here I am, the last day of November, 2011, and I’m embarking on yet another new challenge for myself (I think 2011 was my year to challenge myself!)- for the next three weeks I am going to be, along with my kids, doing the Listerine Oral Care Challenge.  They say it takes 3 weeks (21 days) to create a habit- (why can’t it take that little amount of time to break a bad habit??) so let’s see what habits my kids and I can get into in the next three weeks.  Given that its holiday time with all kinds of extra baked goods and sugary treats, I think the timing is about perfect for this challenge.  I’m up to it.  Busy B is up to it.  My little ones don’t know they are up to it (and technically aren’t old enough so no mouth rinse for them) but they are going to be participating!!  The Bargains are going to floss, brush and spit twice daily for the next three weeks, friends!!

Visit Listerine to learn more about the challenge.  Who wants to join in with me?  Healthy, mouth, healthy body, or so they say!! Let’s all do it together!  My biggest weakness is the before bed brushing (totally in disbelief that I’m admitting that on the internet) so that’s my goal- to really work on the before bed brush and rinse. 

By the way- there’s some REALLY cool products out from Listerine and Reach to entice your kids to want to take the time to have good oral care.  In the box of goodies we received for the challenge, there was Barbie mouth rinse, Batman mouth rinse, and Phineas & Ferb mouth rinse along with coordinating toothbrushes.  Sadly, the adult versions for the mouthwash aren’t quite as fun but our oral needs are quite different from those of children and I’m pretending they have pink sparkly stickers on them.  And, well, floss is hard to add sparkles to.  I think. 


“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Listerine and received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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