Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors.

So here’s something I realized recently- we have next to no mirrors in our house.  We have one in each bathroom- and…well, that’s it.  2 mirrors in our house. 2 bathrooms, 2 vanity bathroom mirrors.  When Busy wants to see what her hair looks like when I give her 11 ponies or do a french braid, I have to lift her up so she can see it in the mirror. 

 I can remember years ago one of my brothers and his wife had one of those full length Cheval mirrors in their bedroom- it really just made their bedroom set feel complete, and looked so pretty standing in the corner of their room.  Our bedroom set didn’t have any mirrors except the one that came to attach to my dresser- and given the walls in our bedroom, I can’t have it up or it would block window light. 

I’m thinking I’ve just dismissed the idea of a full length mirror because I’ve struggled with my weight for so long- and maybe now that we’re redoing the kids rooms I should put one in their rooms at least so they can see how they look in their dressup clothes?  What do you think? At least in the girls’ room, they have a little alcove under the stairs up to Busy’s dollhouse bunk, I could do a nice sized mirror so they can admire their dress up creations. 

Does it matter?  I am feeling as I type this that I’m not being fair to my kids and that they should be able to stare at their whole little selves anytime they want.  So I have a feeling we’ll be investing in a bigger mirror to put at their height very soon.  But then I start to worry about safety and breaking mirrors, and I ask you all- what would you put in a kid room?  Please help!!

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