My Best Mother’s Day

My best Mother’s Day was kind of… nothing special.  It was  my birthday, and it was 2005, just before I had my Busy girl.  We’d just signed contracts to buy our current home and we actually had the home inspection the morning of Mother’s Day, and I remember feeling “grown up” because my dad called and we chatted, for what felt like the first time ever, adult to adult.  Not child to parent, but as adults.  The inspection felt like it went on forever but I was chatting with my mom and dad alternately and sharing plans and visions for the house, and the yard, for us to bring our baby home to.

After the inspection (inspector  wished me a Happy Mother’s Day) we left and headed to my inlaws for a cookout, after a quick stop for some snacks (the clerks at the register wished me a Happy Mother’s Day too!).  Nothing exciting, just a really nice day.  I know there was birthday cake, and I know I had some presents (please, no one tell Mr. Bargains I’ve 100% forgotten what he got me….) but the part that made the day the best was at home, going to bed, I found a card on my pillow addressed to me both my name, and “mommy” and inside there was a message that was short in words and spoke volumes about what my husband was feeling about our life changes with the new house and our first child on the way- and the way he signed it from him and from the baby…and how they both couldn’t wait to spend the next Mother’s Day with me, just made it all around awesome.  The contentment I felt and the excitement, was just great.  Always a day that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Now, almost 6 years later, that day has a different meaning and “best” award for a Mother’s Day.  My mom and I, we’d spent many, many years not getting along, and were finally reconnecting.  Our conversations that day on the phone, planning across 2 states what room would be the baby’s room, and where I’d put the glider, store diapers, etc…I realize now that was really and truly the day when my mom and I became friends and were no longer “just” a mother and a daughter.  I like to think that my mom loved that Mother’s Day as much as I always will, and realized the gift we’d given each other as we finally opened our hearts more and let the walls crumble.

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  • Wow what a sweet post!! Thanks for sharing!! That IS a great moment indeed!
  • Oh wow! I am crying! That is beautiful! What a wonderful memory! I love the card on your pillow! How precious! I love that cards can say so much with so few words! Thank you for sharing this!

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