Outback Steakhouse Steak Menu for Two for Valentine’s Day

This post about the Outback Steakhouse Steak Menu for Two is brought to you as part of my #OutbackBestMates Ambassadorship.  Opinions are my own. 

Friday is Valentine’s Day.  A few days away.  As always, we actually have no plans.  Which is aok.  Although I’ve been wanting a good steak for a while.  I think we may make an exception to our “rule” this year and head to Outback Steakhouse for their Just Right Steak Menu for 2 (although we’ll be bringing the kids with us) promotion.

outback steakhouse valentines day

The Steak Menu for Two: includes a Bloomin’ Onion and Classic Cheesecake dessert to share, paired with your choice of two of Outback’s favorite steak entrées, including:
Two 6 ounce sirloins
Two 9 ounce sirloins
Two 6 ounce filets
One Bone-in Ribeye & one filet, one of Outback’s most popular combos!
Or, upgrade your Steak Dinner for Two by adding a grilled lobster tail to any entrée above

Of course, they are also offering their new Steak Plates – a 6 or 9 ounce Signature Sirloin with your choice of one of five delicious toppings and a side of Aussie fries, starting at under $10 each. For those of us who are on a tighter budget!

bloomin do over

For anyone looking to make up for a past Valentine’s Day fail, enter to win an Outback Date Do-Over – a $50 Outback gift card to help you do-over that date and turn your love life around. Beginning Monday, February 10th, you can share your date disaster story (Valentine’s or otherwise) via Twitter using hashtag #BloominDoOver to be entered to win. Ten winners will be selected each day from February 10th – 13th, and 20 winners will be selected on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

Want to know my worst date ever?  I bet it would win but I’m an Ambassador so I’m not able to enter. So lucky you guys….

I went on a blind date with my my friend’s boyfriends’ friend.  We’ll call him Eric, well, because that was his name.

And we went to a comedy club.

Do not ever, never not once, go on a blind date to a comedy club.

The comedian tagged us as uncomfortable and awkward from minute one and proceeded to focus on our table- and Eric and me, for the rest of the night.

It was awful.

And the guy? The date?  Had no interest in even trying to make conversation. At all.  Such a jerk!!

The whole night was just awful, and my lesson was learned.



 What are YOUR Valentine’s Day Plans?

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  • We aren't planning anything special or fancy for Valentine's Day, but I'd love to visit Outback Steakhouse again soon! I love everything from the menu and that offer is too good to resist. Your date disaster story sounds pretty horrific.
  • I love outback steakhouse. I'm reading your date night and it does sound horrible. How did it end, did you tell him "hit the road jack"? :)
  • I love Outback !I did not know they had that deal! It always helps when you can save a few bucks a night out. I am telling my husband about this deal!
  • The hubs and I will be dining at my fave lobster restaurant.
  • I've never had the chance to eat at Outback, but I've heard raves about it! That does sound like a pretty unsavory date - no conversation, I would find that dull, and way too much work ;)
  • I probably would have stayed home anyhow, but for sure I am now because of the snow and ice on the way.
  • We love Outback but rarely eat there. I love the special though...I'll have to tell him about it OR maybe surprise him. As for your blind date bad experience....I am so sorry! That had to have been the WORST!!! That's like one of those times when you needed a cellphone to ring so you could say it was an emergency and leave, haha!
  • I would love to say a romantic dinner for two, but that is not the case. We will spend it in Atlanta with a zillion cheerleaders. It's okay, all my favorite Valentines will be there.
  • We love going to Outback. We do a lot of curb side ordering from them. But this is a great deal for Valentine's Day!
  • I Love The Outback Great Steaks & Great Prices There Food Is So Good!!
  • nice blog
  • Ooooh the bloomin' onion - I NEED one NOW!!
  • I haven't been to the OutBack in a long time. Usually when we do go, I get the small steak, a sweet potato and a salad made with romaine only.
  • Oh I wish we had an outback steakhouse! I would totally want to go there for Valentine's Day! I love having Steak for V-day!
  • That is a good price! I should definitely check that out for Valentine's Day.

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