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Delicious Dishes Recipe Party: Breakfast Recipes

We are on day 5 of winter break. Send help.  Also casseroles. I'm exhausted! So much packed into 5 short days. Ending it all with a regular gymnastics filled evening but it's photo night so the kids have to wear competition leos and have hair looking decent before practice.  Thankfully I planned ahead and did [...]

Ask an Accountant- Last Minute Reminders

Some of you may not know due to Emancipation Day, the Tax Deadline has been extended to Monday April 18th. Here are some last minute reminders for those of you who have waited until the last minute. 1. You can still make a 2010 tax deductible IRA contribution until Monday. 2. If you know you [...]

National Eggs Benedict Day is April 16 (2 recipes inside)

National Eggs Benedict Day is April 16 – Take this brunch fave to a whole new level…and make it a family and friend celebration at any meal on its own holiday! Check out these two delicious recipes that put a twist on the traditional! And don’t forget about Easter brunch! The recipes below can be [...]

60% off Swimsuits for the whole family 4/16 ONLY at Old Navy

OLD NAVY WAKE-UP CALL THIS SATURDAY, 7 AM TO 11 AM ONLY WAKE UP AND DIVE IN!SWIMSUITS FOR THE FAMILY 60% OFF* Plus, All-Day Saturday: ONE-DAY WONDER CROPPED CARDIS for Women & Girls JUST $8! It's our best Saturday sale ever!   Thanks Stretching Your Budget! FIND A STORE NOW *Check your local store for [...]

Nominate your favorite teacher for “America’s Favorite Teacher”

Nominate your favorite teacher to win “America’s Favorite Teacher” on National Teacher Day (May 3).  In addition to being a great cause, it’s a great way to win an all expense paid trip to New York! So make sure to nominate your own favorite teacher too!  (I just did).  The contest ends on April 22. [...]

Frugal Friday

Thanks to Stretching Your Budget for this!! A friend of mine wrote me this email and I thought I would share it with you all for this weeks Frugal Friday Post! Here's a fun little Easter project. Growing up, we always grew our own live grass in our baskets. It was so much fun to [...]

“A to Z With You and Me” Review and Giveaway 4/29

Until recently I haven't allowed my 2 year old to watch much TV. But, now that he is watching a little bit, I am amazed by how much he learns and picks up from shows like Sesame Street. When I was given the opportunity to review A to Z With You and Me, a personalized [...]

Weekly Weigh In #NSNATION

Would you like to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem too? Visit  Nutrisystem today or call 888-853-4689 Good morning, friends.  I just weighed in.  I am the last to weigh in around here, apparently, even though I'm the one trying to lose weight.  Even the dog wanted to weigh in this morning (he and the kids [...]

Crest Pro-Health Invigorating Rinse, part 2

We have been using the Crest Pro-Health Invigorating Clean Multi-Protection Rinse for a few weeks now.  My husband has taken to using it as well- and he's very particular about what he uses for oral and dental care.   We've both kind of been using this right after we brush in the morning and again when we [...]

B Kind 2 Earth Day – will you promise with me? #kind2earth

  So, my beloved readers, will you help me with something?  I promise it will cost you nothing and the benefits will be reaped for - well, maybe forever.  Maybe just for a day.  Either way, there will be a benefit at no cost to you.  I know I spend a lot of time bringing products [...]