Mobicam DXR Giveaway presented by Mobi

I have wanted to get a video baby monitor for years, and when I saw all of the cool features on the new Mobicam DXR I HAD to give it a try!  I have friends that use video baby monitors and absolutely love them.  You wouldn't believe all of the creative uses people come up [...]

YourBagTag™ (Giveaway) -What a Mom Wants-#YourBagTag

YourBagTag™ makes personalized fabric tags for just about any bag you can imagine- although you can also use them for other things besides bags!!  Your luggage can easily stand out from others- how nice will it be to spot YOUR luggage quickly?  There are over 50 varieties of the tags so you are sure to [...]

Save on gorgeous handmade jewelry from iDazz Custom Designs for Mother’s Day!

Check out these gorgeous earrings from iDazz and StuffBuff for Mother's Day! // < ![CDATA[ //{"stuffit":{"item_id":415791,"seller_id":1933, "affiliate":37}} // ]]> iDazz creations are handmade and constructed using a variety of techniques including crimping, wire wrapping and knotting. StuffBuff is offering 6 iDazz creations at 20% off just in time for Mother's Day! I LOVE the look [...]

Chico bag Vita Giveaway- What a Mom Wants

I love shopping.  Shopping is fun.  Shopping is necessary.  I do not, however, love the plastic bags that items are sometimes put into when I purchase them, not at all.  I don't like the feel of the plastic bags in my hands or worse, on my arm- call me weird, but I don't.  Plus, they [...]

Tassimo T20 Brewbot Giveaway- What a Mom Wants

For many, coffee is an essential way to start the day.  For me, its crucial.  My 5 year old was recently overheard telling her siblings not to be afraid of the scary pumpkin in a board book- because its only a "little" scary and not scary like "mommy before she has coffee in the morning!" [...]

Kids Frugal Fun- Mother’s Day

Thanks to Mom on Dealz for sharing! Each week I bring you a craft you can create with your child that is both frugal and educational. This week I want to focus on Mother's Day crafts. You may be thinking, "I don't want to create my own gift!". If this is how you feel, pass [...]

The Bowtique giveaway & discount code

I've professed my love and undying devotion to hair accessories many times in my life, including right here (and here, here , here oh and here too! on my blog, and today I'm excited to tell you that Jill from The Bowtique is moving soon- which means a sale for all of us and a $30 [...]

Pepto-Bismol giving your fiesta a boost for Cinco de Mayo! (Giveaway w/$50 Amex GC) What a Mom Wants

For upcoming Cinco de Mayo celebrations, nothing says fiesta more than mariachi, maracas and mouth-watering mole!  However, if overloaded nachos and spicy salsa verde leave you feeling less party-animal and more party-pooper, Pepto’s got you covered*! For the millions of Americans who love to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with food and festivities, this year, Pepto-Bismol [...]

Pure Dark Chocolate Review

I truly am a baker at heart.  If only my waistline (and children), would allow me to bake more often!!  When I had the opportunity to review Pure Dark artisanal chocolate, I had the perfect opportunity to slip on that apron and get baking for the Easter holiday!  I tried out 2 different slabs of [...]

Dinosaur Train Cake Decorating Set and Cupcake Rings Giveaway

Whats more fun when your family is together than to make homemade treats that everyone can enjoy! It’s even more fun when you can decorate them with your favorite Dinosaur Train characters! How about baking a cake and decorate it with the Dinosaur Train Cake Decorating set or top yummy cupcakes with Dinosaur Train Cupcake [...]