Planetwise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag

 If you are going to use cloth diapers (or hybrids), you are going to need a wet bag.  Many diaper bags come with a small ‘wetbag’ but you will quickly find they do not hold what you need them to hold!!  This is where the fabulous Planetwise wet bags come into play- I’ve had the medium sized Planetwise since about a week after I started using gDiapers and you would never know I’ve used it.  I have the ‘river rock’ pattern and I love it.  

You cannot (well, maybe YOU can, but I sure can’t!) wash diapers every single time they are wet or soiled.  Simply not practical to even expect to do this!!  Which means you will need a place to store said diapers until its time to wash the diapers.  

Up until a few weeks ago, I was using a plain, basic diaper pail (not a Diaper Dekor, or the Diaper Genie- I mean a bare bones no frills diaper pail)…with a pail liner.  I hated it.  I’ll be honest- its ugly, and its a giant pain in my neck to get the top off and take the bag out. Plus, like I said, its ugly.  Planetwise has these gorgeous patterns for their bags that are actually NICE to look at- and that’s why I asked them if I could review one of their hanging wet/dry bags.

Oh, how I love this thing of beauty.  First of all, there’s 2 pockets.  One dry, and one wet.  Second, there’s webbed handles, and third? You can wash it.  As in, whatever you are washing- clothes or diapers- just toss it right in there, and don’t be shy.  Easy on the eyes, easy to take care of.
This is the exact print I received:

Can you see why I am ditching my pail?  You’ve served me well, my utilitarian pail, but its time for This Mama  to love something new!!  
This hanging bag is a very generous size.  You can see from the photo how close to the floor it hangs (note it doesn’t touch the floor).  But this gives a lot of room for storage.  So, if you are going to go  away for the weekend and decide to use cloth while away, its quite simple to bring this bag, and unless you are familiar with cloth diapers and accessories, no one will have a clue this is for diaper storage.  
One thing I like about wet/dry bags is that they are versatile.  Towels, swimsuits -this will keep the water IN the bag and not all over everything else.  You could also store toiletries in this when travelling- even if they spill, you won’t have a mess all over your suitcase- only inside the bag, which, again, you can toss into the wash.  You can use wet/dry bags for years after your youngest is out of diapers!!  I remember when my mom saw my first wetbag, she was all sorts of impressed and couldn’t believe no one came up with something like this decades ago.  (Maybe they did, but they sure weren’t as pretty as these!)


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