Pretty Little Liars: Who is A?

The summer season finale of Pretty Little Liars ended with a cliffhanger leaving viewers still wondering, “Who is A?”  Spoilers are coming out all over the place with promises of the reveal of A’s true identity (although I’m wondering, as many are, if it might be more of a “they” and not just one individual), at the season finale in March.  In the meantime, I think the girls’ having possession of A’s cell phone is going to lead to even more secrets, and more deception.   On every front.

It’s hard to say who I think A is- because honestly? I’m horrible at sleuthing.  Clues and guesses?  No.  That’s why people make thrillers and suspense for entertainment, because people like me fall in hook, line and sinker and have no idea until the show/movie writers want us to, who is the villain and what really happened.  I kind of feel like we need to keep an eye out for Jenna and Garrett- only because I find that to be an odd, odd pairing.  Maybe its Mona and Garrett.  Maybe I’m way off (likely).  What do you think?  Is A one, or two?

Although really, when you think about it- everyone in Rosewood is an odd, odd pairing.  Everyone has issues (don’t characters have to, for us to enjoy them?) and their issues have issues.  Of course in Rosewood, the issues of the issues have issues.  That’s a lot of issues.  Issues and secrets.  And each of those has secrets.  And more secrets.  (I cannot imagine what it must be like for the writers to keep this all straight!)
Part of the fun of this show is the secrets, the secret keeping, and the way the issues keep us all on our toes.  A lot of what happens in this show makes me sit thinking “seriously?  creepy!!” but that’s the point!!

We don’t have to wait long to see what happens next, because the season premiere is on January 2nd (just under a week away) at 8/7 on ABC Family and I’m sure we’ll be teased and taunted until the bitter end to find out who A is!!

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