I-Never Challenge (Shameless Season One)

Season 2 of Shameless premieres on Sun, Jan 8 at 9PM ET/PT on Showtime.  The DVD of Season 1 will be released December 27th.  I’m hoping that I get a copy in the mail, or I will be ordering it – I love me some funny and Shameless has delivered in the few episodes I’ve seen!!   Any show that can make me laugh out loud- that’s a good sign.  But any show that can make my husband laugh audibly?  That’s an awesome show!  Where else but Shameless does your sibling steal a baby, or dad get brought home drunk by the cops (aren’t the kids supposed to be brought home drunk by the cops?)!


The first season of Shameless is full of ‘Shameless’ moments.  The Gallagers are hilarious whilst shameless, and without apology. They have done some crazy things, that I’m sure down the road they’d regret if they were just like you and me.

The I-Never challenge is a selection of short video clips showing the most out-there and shameless moments from the show. With each clip, users will be challenged to admit or deny that they may have done something similar to what is being shown in the video. I challenge YOU  to reveal your most Shameless moments: http://bit.ly/v62WMJ. Maybe, just maybe, you can see what I’ve done. Or what I’ve never done. I promise I’ve never woken up in a foreign country nor have I put a pet into the microwave. Have you? I have done a few things. Can you guess?

Season 2 .

Shameless 'I-Never Challenge' by thewbdotcom

Grab your copy of Shameless Season One on DVD: http://bit.ly/unesOb or Blu-ray: http://bit.ly/sp5VxA!
I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Shameless Season One on DVD.

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