For as many websites and online stores who sell there wares, there seems to be close to the same number of sites promising to find you the best discount/coupon/promotion codes for each of them.  Many of them do offer and provide the same codes, but often times, I have found that a little more searching on my part leads to an even greater savings for my wallet, and I like that. 

I don’t know if you remember a few weeks ago I shared about my experience with Virgin Mobile, and how affordable it is.  Just now when I clicked over to, one of the first things I noticed on the front page was mention of Virgin Mobile codes.  I already think the service is affordable, but you can find codes to save even more?  SWEET!!   The one I’m seeing right now is 60 free minutes when you activate your phone online.   60 free minutes on top of an already affordable plan?  I’ll take it!! 

I like that you can search on this site by free shipping codes, by store, by category or by a general search.  The front page seems to be where the newest codes are listed, so I’m sure that changes daily.  Have a code you know is active but don’t see on the site?  You can add one in to share with others!! Find a code not working?  There’s a way to report non-working codes as well.  As with many sites, you can see the success and fail rates of each code- which is nice.  I get so frustrated when I try to use a code I find on a site and it won’t work even though I’ve followed the rules and terms!

Sign up to get email alerts when new codes are added for certain stores- not  just a general email when any updates or added, or tons of emails daily to overwhelm your inbox.  You can also choose to be updated on a weekly basis instead of daily- so if there are things you may want to purchase but aren’t in a rush to buy, opt to receive emails for certain stores of YOUR choosing and check off the “weekly” option, and just get updates once a week!  This almost makes a personalized deal finding site- plus you can ignore the stores and codes that don’t interest you if you opt to receive the daily or weekly newsletter updates.  I’m signing up for the Virgin Mobile updates a I write this so I can maximize my cell phone dollars spent!!

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