Radio Flyer’s RFX™ with Custom Clipz

The RFX™ with Custom Clipz from Radio Flyer has been a ton of fun for my 4 year old son. This is a 2 wheel scooter made with the Radio Flyer quality my family has known and loved for decades- and given a fun new twist to the scooter. The handlebar adjusts up and down so this scooter will grow with your child. The base is a little bit wider for extra stability- definitely a nice thing for safety, plus a nice footbrake on the back. This scooter can safely hold up to 150 lbs so it will definitely last through growth spurts.

The RFX is customizable for kids- each comes with 10 clipz in 3 colors plus 70 decals for the clipz so you can customize away- and then over again, a few times! (This is something that really appeals to me, because I am hopeful that I could order new decals for another child who might use this next to be able to customize- how often can kids customize hand me downs?) The decals include letters of the alphabet- first name, initials, whatever you like- plus some sports figures, animals, etc. A nice variety in colors that compelment the clipz and the scooter itself.

Assembly is quick and easy for this scooter, and really the most time consuming part is your child’s time deciding which decal goes on which Clipz and where to place the clipz. My son likes to change his around, and I haven’t noticed that they have loosened or won’t last with changes. This is kind of key, because if the clipz don’t last, there isn’t a way to make it custom anymore.

Clipz are easy on and easy off for little hands, and the decals are pretty easy to get on but the younger kids will probably need help getting the decals centered on the clipz. There is a pink version of this scooter, called the Style ‘n Ride, which is the same but the clipz are called bands and come in 5 colors (geared toward girls for sure). I wish the RFX had as many color options as the Style ‘n Ride but who knows what will come next. With or without more colors I think this is a great scooter!

At a suggested retail price of $39.99, this is a good, solid, quality product that is made to last (and I have purchased less expensive, lesser quality scooters already- and had to subsequently repurchase scooters due to lack of quality).

Radio Flyer has a Birthday Club that you can (and should!) sign up for- each birthday entered gets you a $10 promotional credit plus 15% off your purchase – which means some fast savings just in time for the holidays!! This would look great under the tree…

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