Gift Card for $1.50

Do you need a night out? I mean REALLY need a night out? (I am raising my hand quite emphatically!) Well, take advantage of this deal for Grab a $25 Gift Certificate for only $1.50!

Here’s how to get this deal:

1. Go to HERE to sign in or sign up.
2. Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for
3. Click “Shop Now.”
4. Buy a $25 gift card for $10, then use code DATE to take 70% OFF, making it $3
5. You’ll get 50% Cash Back from – making it just $1.50!

Let us know where you decide to go on your night out!

– Thanks, Time 2 Save Workshops!

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  • For those who are new to, just make sure you watch the restrictions. When can you use it, what are the minimums, are drinks included in the required amount... Also check the menu ahead of time, to see if you will be in the ballpark of what you need to spend. Some it's easy to spend much more, some you will have to take more than just 2 people unless you eat a lot.
  • Thanks for the headsup and I just found some great Christmas presents.
  • Great deal but our fav place is always sold out on
  • Has anybody had any problems using this? we dont have anyone in our area that takes them,,,we had one but he refuses to take the coupons,,,
    • I haven't tried to use. There aren't many within 20 minutes drive from us. You should alert!! Thats' not cool at all!

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