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We love building toys around here.  I’m including myself in that, because I truly do.  Doesn’t matter what the blocks are made of, we can make building blocks out of a tissue box if need be.  But we do prefer the ones you can buy, that are uniform in size and click together and stay together.  Rokenbok sent us some of their ROK Blocks to check out, and my kids have had a great time building creations and following the suggested construction ideas that come with the sets.  All are fun. 

The ROK Blocks are the blocks that Rokenbok has designed for the beginner builders, ages 3+.  Below is an image of what you get with the Deluxe box (the ROK blocks basic set is just less of the same items)I love the shape and design of these blocks- easy to manipulate, and just a bit different than others we’ve had.  My 3 year old can spend a very long time with thesse blocks building all sorts of towers, creations, vehicles and whatever else pops into his imagination.    He’s happy with these because they are easy to put together and take apart, but also because if his baby sister bumps a creation, it doesn’t just fall apart, which means these also stay together well enough that you can play with them after you’ve built something.  It isn’t always fun when you are 3 to build a cool car and then not be able to push it around and make it be, well, a car. 

ROK Blocks come in basic colors, in a vairiety of shapes and sizes. You can connect with Rokenbok on Facebook to see others’ images of their creations and to stay up to date on the latest and greatest!!

What do Albert Einstein, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Google founder Larry Page all share in common? The all grew up playing with construction toys!

Last year we created what just may be the best building blocks ever. As simple as wooden blocks, but so much more too.

The Rokenbok story began in 1995 when we developed our vision for an educational toy system. Rokenbok lets kids create real working structures and interact with them with our remote control machines. We’ve won dozens of awards for design and educational value. What’s especially unique about Rokenbok is that children keep playing for years, sometimes well into their teens.

Until 2010, the entry level for Rokenbok was five or six years old. Our new ROK Blocks were designed to let children start in the Rokenbok system even younger. In my opinion, we did our job so well that ROK Blocks are the best product we’ve ever designed.

Not a lot of people know the Rokenbok story, and even fewer know about ROK Blocks. We’re a small company dedicated to helping kids construct their knowledge through meticulously designed, high quality, long lasting building toys. We don’t do the whole mass market thing; no licensed Sponge Bob or even Winnie the Pooh.

Understanding what’s special about our toys means playing, and we need your help to get the ROK Blocks story told. We invite you to take a look at our website and products, and if you’re interested, we’d like to offer you a set of our Deluxe ROK Blocks for only $24.99; a 50% savings off the $49.99 SRP (Click here to participate). Be sure to use the code DRB50 to receive your 50% discount.

If you agree that we’ve created something special, we hope you will tell this story on your Facebook page and invite more parents to introduce their children to Rokenbok.

Rokenbok – it’s Playtime Well Spent.


Mr. Rokenbok (Paul Eichen), Founder
Rokenbok Toy Company

I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review.  Opinions expressed within are my own.[ad#glam between posts]

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