>Save a ton of money and make your own spa products at home…with Arm & Hammer (Blog Tour)

>I don’t know about you but one of the first things out the window when things are hectic, or rough, or money gets tight are spa type treatments for me.  Mama comes last, and I’m not saying that in a pity me kind of way, it just happens.  That being said, I’ve come to realize in the past year that no matter how much time you spend being a wife or mom or whatever- you still have to remember that YOU are important.  Taking time to take care of ourselves is something we women too often neglect.  I recently received a basket brimming with goodies from Arm & Hammer – filled with items and products to help me create a spa experience at home. 

Am I crazy?  Arm & Hammer and spa treatments?  Yes, my friends.  Having used Arm & Hammer for multiple other uses for years, I don’t think I even thought about expanding that into my beatuy regime…that is, until now.   But before you read on, I want you to think about how much a box of baking soda costs at the store.  (If you aren’t aware, its about $1.00 give or take a bit).  That’s next to nothing compared to some of the products we all buy and use on a daily basis!!  We think we can’t always afford the natural options for things- here’s a great way to not only SAVE money but use a more natural product…with tons and tons of uses!!

Beautiful with Baking Soda!
Stay fresh and beautiful the natural way with ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda! Exfoliate your skin, jumpstart your home pedicure, rid your hair of chemical buildup, and freshen your breath… all for under a dollar!

Facial Scrub and Body Exfoliant

For smooth, radiant skin, give yourself a gentle facial and body scrub with ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda. Make a paste of 3 parts ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda to 1 part water. Rub in a gentle circular motion to exfoliate skin and remove dead skin cells. Rinse clean. Gentle enough for daily use!

I used this just this morning in the shower.  I added some essential oil for some scent and oh, my heavens.  Awesome.  My skin gets SO super dry this time of year, and us heating our house with a woodburning insert doesn’t help that at all…I love that I can make it as I go and if I want a different scent each day, I can just add it right then and there (plus essential oil bottles are tiny and don’t take up much space at all)
Hair Care
Get rid of product buildup by sprinkling a small amount (quarter-size) of ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda into your palm along with your favorite shampoo. Shampoo as usual and rinse thoroughly. The ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda helps remove the residue that styling products leave behind so your hair is cleaner and more manageable.
This one I tried too.  I didn’t notice any drastic changes but my hair felt nice and clean and soft after my shower!!

Soothing Bath Soak
For a relaxing ending to a long day, add 1/2 cup of ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda to your bath to neutralize acids on the skin and help wash away oil and perspiration. Your skin will feel silky smooth!
I would love to try this but we have the worlds smallest bathtub and I think *I* at 5’5 am too long for it.  I will try it, one day…
Home Pedicure Foot Soak
Start your home pedicure by dissolving 3 tablespoons of ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda in a basin of warm water and soak feet. Gently scrub with a paste of ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda.
Pearly Whites
For gleaming smiles, brush teeth with ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda. . Just sprinkle baking soda into your palm, dip a damp toothbrush into it, and brush*. For a refreshing mouthwash, use 1 teaspoon baking soda in ½ glass of water. Swish the solution through your teeth and rinse.
I’m not sure I can do this one no matter how much I love baking soda and its wonderful uses.  I have texture issues and this might put me over the edge.  I do want to try the mouthwash, though!
*ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda does not contain the anti-cavity ingredient fluoride. Use it where water is fluorinated or when non-fluoride toothpaste is desired for adult use or as directed by your dentist of physician.
Hand Cleanser
Soften skin with a paste of 3 parts ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda to 1 part water. Forget the harsh soaps and gently scrub away ground-in dirt and neutralize odors on hands with 3 parts ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda to your liquid hand soap. Then rinse clean.
This, I’ve used many times when I have food odors on my hands- garlic, onion- you know the culprits…Arm & Hammer is the only way I know to get those odors off of my hands!!

Clean Brushes and Combs
For lustrous hair with more shine, keep brushes and combs clean with ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda. Remove natural oil build-up and hair product residue by soaking combs and brushes in a solution of 1 teaspoon of ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda in a small basin of warm water. Rinse and allow to dry.
Natural Deodorant
Dust ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda under arms as needed to feel fresh all day. The magic of ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda actually absorbs odors instead of just covering them up.
This is on my list to try tomorrow.  I can’t even believe I’m admitting this to you but hey, you know I snore!!  Ever since I was pregnant with #2 I’ve had issues with deoderants working.  I tried Mr. Bargains’ once….it was so sticky and just…yuck.  I’m totally excited to try this- even if it isn’t my go to deoderant, I can use it midday or if I want to touch up my underarms!!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Arm & Hammer and received a beauty basket to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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  • >I used it today to was my hair and it was amazing. My hair feels great. I also cleaned my brushes and they look like new. I have used it for years to polish my teeth when they need an extra bit of whitening but I had no idea about these other uses. Thanks so much for this!
  • >I will try the bath soak TODAY and tell you what I think! :-)

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