How to Save Money on Contact Lenses

Many people often choose glasses over contact lenses because of the cost. Glasses are generally cheaper than contact lenses and last longer. However, some people choose contact lenses over glasses for aesthetic reasons. Unfortunately, the lifespan of contact lenses is rather slim, if you do not know a few pointers that will help you to extend their life. This post about how to save money on contact lenses is brought to you by our friends at 1800Contacts.


Tips to Extending the Life of Contact Lenses

1. Use a Contact Cleaning Solution- Although contact-cleaning solution is rather expensive, it can help to keep your contacts clean and prolong their use. Use an ample amount each time you clean your contacts to ensure a thorough cleaning.

2. Avoid Wearing Them to Bed- Contacts are not supposed to be worn while you sleep. Make sure you have a proper storage container to put them in when you go to bed. You could also add in some cleaning solution before you go to bed. They can stay in the cleaning solution overnight.

3. Wear Them Longer- You can (often) wear your contacts longer than the recommended time. Often contact lens manufacturers will state that they should be replaced every month. This is not necessarily true, especially if you have been taking care of them correctly. Use the contact lenses until they are no longer comfortable to wear, and then replace them with a new pair.

4. Insurance Coverage- Some employee benefits include contact lens coverage. Make sure to check to see if your employer offers this and you are eligible. Having your contacts covered by an insurance company will save you a bundle.

5. Choose Hard Contacts- You can really save money by choosing hard contacts over the soft ones. However, some people cannot adjust to the feel of the hard contacts and it is all about comfort. Try one pair of hard contacts for a while to see if these are comfortable enough for you to wear. If they are not, migrate over to the soft contact lens.

The above tips will help you to save on the cost and replacement of contact lenses. You can also check for discounts or savings on the purchase of contact lenses to help you save even more.  We usually order my husband’s contact lenses from 1800Contacts. Why 1800 Contacts?  That’s easy!


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  • These are great tips. I tried contacts many years ago, but my allergies were to bad to wear them. I may try again at some point.

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