Supernatural Season Six on DVD- Heaven Vs Hell

Season six of Supernatural focuses on the brother’s relationship as they battle Heaven and Hell. The two brothers spend endless amounts of time traveling together, encountering demons and a trench coat wearing angel.

Its always fun to think about who you’d want to conquer the world with, or who you’d want by your side during a crisis- or who you want to be by your side kicking some demonic butt- I’d probably always choose my sister, C- only because she’s very level headed and tends to remind me when I’m going off on a tangent or overreacting (too often). Plus, she’s really in tune with her spiritual side and I imagine that would only serve to help us fight demons and emerge victorious from battling hell and demons. Of course, were we TO battle things like this, we’d need to be appropriately outfitted and trained in techniques- you need to look the part when partaking in this kind of activity!

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