Teach your daughter to keep track of her periods

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It's almost inevitable that your daughter will at some point start getting her period.  We as adults have a few ways to approach this, with facts and information and open dialogue, or an as-you-go approach.  If you hadn't noticed, I'm in the educate and and talk about things camp.  My daughter, at 7, is aware that women get their period, and that there are special products she'll need when the time comes for her to have her period.  I give her as much information as I feel she can handle as a 7 year old.  As she gets older, and especially as her body starts to show signs of starting to have monthly cycles, I'll give her more information.


One thing that I will do is to teach her how to start keeping track of her cycles- mood changes, bloating, bleeding, spotting, etc.  One simple way is by making notes on a calendar, although in this day and age of technology, she may very well keep track on the calendar on her phone, her iPod, or even with an app designed for exactly this purpose.  Keeping track on a calendar gives visual cues and reminders for both your daughter and for you.   Did you know that you can visit Kotex for more tips and ideas- and be sure to visit U by Kotex for tips and ideas specifically tailored for Tweens!  U by Kotex would be a great site to introduce your daughter to- even if she's not fully open to chatting with you about her period, she can look around and find that there are so many others experiencing the exact same things she is- it may end up helping her to feel more comfortable in opening up to you!

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  • That's SO important- I remember having it sneak up on me a few times as a preteen and that totally sucked.
  • There's an app for that. I'm sure! :) Very good tips for a young girl to manage this time of the month!
  • My mom didn't talk to me about it much and if I had a daughter I would be sure to follow your tips.
  • So important to educate! Good job mom!
  • I always tracked on a calendar, too, it was really helpful long term to figure out what was "normal" and I could always predict my next period within a day of when it actually arrived, usually down to even a 6 hour window!
  • Great advice, I was always so awkward about it when I was younger. I don't want my daughter to feel the same way I did.
  • lol, that made me laugh when you said the calendar would probably be on her phone. So true!!!! I STILL track mine on a calendar...albeit an old-school paper one.
  • It is so important to talk to kids about this so they won't be upset when this happens to them. My mom was always embarrassed to talk to me so it made for some difficult times.