The Bowtique giveaway & discount code

I’ve professed my love and undying devotion to hair accessories many times in my life, including right here (and here, here , here oh and here too! on my blog, and today I’m excited to tell you that Jill from The Bowtique is moving soon- which means a sale for all of us and a $30 gift certificate to spend for ONE of you!  Can’t wait to shop?  Enter SPRING20 at checkout for 20% off!!

Of course, being the creative lady she is, she’s got some new items on her site, and even more coming- check out these Kanzashi flowers- aren’t they

darling?  You can use your gift certificate to buy some…………..or you can peruse the site and buy what you like.  I, of course, always head to the new section first and then to the sales, throwing caution to the wind and ordering clips and pony o’s left and right.  I’ve been told I have a “problem” but really, I think I’m just very aware that little girls need a wide variety of hair accessories.  I know I’m right.  I have to be.  :o)



I love fun hair accessories for both my girls- with or without hair, Bowtique clips ALWAYS stay put, always look great and hold up really well.  I’ve washed them, they’ve gone through the washer, and they are fine.  Looking mighty fine!  I just feel like the right hair accessory can really make a gloomy day fun or brighten your mood or just finish an outfit- or make a grownup smile as they look down and see a little hedgehog on your head- they are just FUN and practical and darling.

One of you fantabulous readers will win $30 to spend at The Bowtique!


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This giveaway will end on May 15, 2011 at midnight, EST.  US & Canada only.  Winner to be chosen using “And the Winner is” plugin.  Winner has 48 hours to respond to initial contact or a new winner will be chosen.

I will receive samples of this product in exchange for this post.  Opinions expressed within are my own.  I cannot accept responsibility for monies spent on hair accessories from The Bowtique – I have a hard enough time justifying them in my own house!


About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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  • forgot to mention my favorite bow id buy is the big bow headband!!
  • "liked" the bowtique on facebook and subscribed to your email newsletter! really hoping to win this one!!!
  • I would love to win this and buy some super cute hair accessories for my 10 week old daughter!
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  • My favorite is the Birdie Snappy. I really like that one...bookmarking as we speak. Oh I also like the Woodland Snappy and the Red Riding Hoop Snap.
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  • My daughter loses hairbows all the time, so I'm always looking to replenish my stash. She has hair to her waist at age 2, so hairbows for us are a must. :-) Great finding handmade bows like these.
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  • I like the Big Sequin Flower headband for big girls, and the Pink Peony interchangeable band for infants!
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  • To pick one favorite is so hard because I love so many of them. Okay, my favorite is BG Hedgehog Felt Fuzzy Clip. Or is it the BG Bunny Slippers Clip, or BG Flower Bouquet Clip, or the Snail Fuzzy, or Owl Fuzzy Clip, and then I love the Monogram Me Pony O, the Sequined FlowerBand Pink...I could go on and on. So many ADORABLE designs! :-)
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  • I love when my 8 mo. old granddaughter and her big sister, my 5 yr. old granddaughter wear pretty hair accessories. :-)
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  • I'd love to have the baby pretty print clips!
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  • would love to have every felt clip in her album, especially the rainbow pictured above!! LOVE it.
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  • How fun! :-) I love dressing up my sweeties with adorable hair accessories! ACMommy3, creedamy at yahoo dot com
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  • I like the Ribbon Headband
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  • My name is Lina!
  • I want the bow made out of the thick material it's red green and yellow flower with a yellow button in the middle. She needs to name her bows that would rock lol.
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  • I like the felt fuzzy clippes and the flower bitsy band!
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  • Love the bowtique, like on FB. Will leave a comment. Love the headbands & pony o's.
  • I'd love to win these for my daughter.
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  • Love the Pony O's and Hair Streamers.
  • I like the Pretty in Pink Pony O
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  • Those bows are soo cute! leannemacg at
  • I love the headgehog fuzzy clip
  • I love cute hair accessories.
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  • I've been a Bowtique customer ever since my daughter was tiny. The itty bitty bows are perfect for baby fine hair.
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  • What fabulous items!
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  • I Would Love To Win! Cute Bows!
  • I would get the Minnie Bow and the Cinderella Clip!
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  • Subscribe to emails, fb, google, etc... i have 2 great nieces to be born in the next 6 months, so i will definately check this site out!!
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  • I would choose sequin flower band maybe pink or white
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  • Very cute bows! Donna Jenkins
  • one of my favorites is lime juice bow
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  • I LOVE the little girl bird fuzzy clip. SO cute. The owl is a close second. My youngest is all about birds.
  • would love to win this for my granddaughter angie
  • I have 4 kids who are constantly trading out dress up clothes and hair clips and things of the sort, so I love this. Thanks. :-)