The Flannery Brothers

If there is one thing that all 3 of my kids love equally as much as the others, and can share without arguing- its music.  It strikes me as funny because I don’t think I’ve ever stopped to think, prior to having my kids, just how much a role music plays in my life.  Seeing my kids dance and sing and enjoy music just brings me such joy!!

Having this blog has given me the opportunity to discover music we’d maybe never have experienced before.  A month ago or so, I was introduced to Meredith LaVande, and now I’ve been introduced to The Flannery Brothers, who have such a great sound- and such FUN songs.  The fact that they love kites and my oldest is semi-obsessed with kites may help that along…but I digress.  

The Flannery Brothers are in part from Maine (yay, New England!) and are releasing their third CD, The New Explorers Club, in October of 2010.  What’s on this new CD?
Big Kite (one of our family faves)
Swallowed a Bug (I like vaccuuming to this song.  Please don’t ask why.  But I do.)

  • Hi 5 Dance
  • In the Middle
  • Pirate or Parrot
  • Green Submarine
  • Sea Glass
  • Quiet Place
  • Kitchen Floor (Another family fave)
  • Boots
  • Let’s Go!
  • The Elements
  • Best Adventures

There feels to me like a hint of swing in this music.  Whatever it is, you can’t help but start moving around when you hear it.  We love.  Great rhythm, great music, silly lyrics (with meaning!).  

The Flannery Brothers are 2 brothers (Mike and Dan) and an honorary brother, Jonathan.  This is their third album- and get this!! They are already working on album #4.  New Explorers Club will be available for purchase at The Flannery Brothers, Amazon and iTunes.  They also have done several live shows on the East Coast so watch for them in your area!! I know I’ll be watching for them to come to mine!! 

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