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Here’s the thing.  There’s 24 hours in a day and in this society, that’s apparently not enough.

But really, it is.

And here’s me, living in the rural suburbs of the suburbs, who forgets her wallet at home when she’s gone 20 minutes to get to the store… or the bank.  That’s ALWAYS fun.  Waste of time and gas, which costs…money.  The irony does not escape me, my friends. (Totally serious, our closest bank branches are 19 and 20 minutes away from our house, respectively.  It’s like it’s own event, going to the bank).

But, when I’m not managing my time well, I do stupid stuff like leave to go grocery shop WITHOUT MY PURSE OR WALLET. Also, it’s not a good idea to rely on a 4, 6 or 8 year old to always remember that you should have your wallet.  The day they forget, you will too.  Or so I’ve heard.

So here are some time management tips from ME.

time management tips

1. Get off of Facebook.

2. Get off of Pinterest

3. Stop laughing, and since none of us is going to get off either of those, not soon anyway, make a pointed decision to LIMIT your time on those sites and stick to it.  2 minutes turns into 2 hours FAST, my friends. I’m living proof.

4. Use a calendar.  Use COLOR on your calendar.  Colors for people who live in your house, or colors by what kind of thing you are entering. Write things down.  Don’t schedule 14 things on one day. It’s not healthy.

5. Delegate (if you live with 7 cats and no other humans, you can skip this one. I understand). I’m still working on getting better with this. But really, delegate, ask for help… whatever. I’ve started asking friends if they want to each drive one way to  parties, activities, sports practices instead of all of us following one another in our cars.  It’s kind of silly).

6. Make lists. USE the lists. I even make lists of lists. I love lists. Make lists of what you have to do for the day or week, and figure out how much time it will take to complete the tasks.  If you have to go to a laundromat to do laundry, clip your coupons and sort, file etc while there.  Pay your bills while there.

7. Plan ahead- for meals, shopping errands.  Seriously. See the above comment where I, the moron, get all the way to the bank without my wallet?  Unfortunately for me, I DO plan ahead for errands, because I hate to drive 20 minutes for one thing. So, I do them at once. Which of course is pointless when I forget my wallet. But on the other days when I’m not a moron, it works out well. Instead of zigzagging all over town or making three trips, I knock 4-5 errands off of my list (see #6!) and get them all done when I’m already in that area. Less time spent, and time spent efficiently.

Time is money.  If you waste all of your time, you don’t have much left at the end of the day, or week, or month. So why not spend a little time planning ahead so you aren’t wasting time?

And, remember, Facebook will still be there a few hours after you log off.  I promise.  Or maybe shut down. I’m not sure the last time I logged out was….

Oh, and don’t forget to include some “you” time in your planning.  A little downtime, playing games, reading a book, exercise- something you enjoy, to recharge YOU.


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What are your best time management tips?



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  • I usually remember my wallet but I waste my time in many other ways. Facebook has been a huge time suck for me lately.
  • Ok I seriously laughed so hard at #1 and 2! Seriously Those are huge time sucks. And yet, i can't seem to just say no!. lol. So I limit to when I can be on them and for how long. It works wonders. These are fantastic tips. And I totally know where you are coming from....when we go shopping it's a good 30 minute drive to the stores from our house too. And seriously it sucks when you forget the wallet.
  • Haha! I did have to stop laughing at the first 2 tips.... I just can't do it!
  • LOL - you nailed it when you said to get off of Facebook or Pinterest. I spend so much time doing things like this and then miss more important things or feel stressed at the amount of time to do things. I've been spending less time on the computer to try to manage my time better.
  • I know I do best when I get my high concentration tasks, like writing or accounting, finished first thing in the morning, and save my "social" to-do's like phone calls and Facebook for the afternoon.
  • Fantastic tips. I really need to put some of these into place.
  • You've listed some great tips! For me, making lists is huge!
  • The best time management tip I have is to plan ahead. Give yourself a time frame in which to complete each task done. If you don't finish, skip it and go on to the next task, this will help you to stay on schedule. Always be aware of what time it is, so you can't say that time got away from you.
  • The internet, especially social media, can be a big time drain. I need to get my calendar all set, though, as I've found myself double booked recently.
  • Yeah, Pinterest and facebook are two of my biggest timewasters, and limiting my time on both would get a lot more done around here.
  • I use Outlook for my calendar and yes, it's color coordinated. It's how I easily see, at a glance, if there's a doctor's appointment or kids' event or family event coming up. As for get off Facebook and Pinterest... I have those apps on my phone. My phone is in a wallet case. Therefore, any time I have my wallet, I have Facebook and Pinterest... therefore I can't get off Facebook and Pinterest or I'll forget my wallet. Can I use that excuse? :)

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