Track your energy with Mindbloom’s JUICE and boost your healthy habits!

JUICE is a new app that may just help those of us (read: ME) who need to figure out why no energy in the morning…or why no energy later…or what the best time to do a workout is… The folks at Mindbloom created JUICE to help folks make connections between their daily habits that can drain your energy. It’s easy to use, and very enlightening. This kind of app may be what some of us (*ahemMEahem*) need to start making changes so that we have more energy to get the things done that we want to do.

For me, I know I’m pretty much OUT of energy by about 630 pm. Done, overcooked, whatever. I have a to do list that won’t quit and it would be nice if I could find ways (free ways) to try to rework my day so that I *do* have some energy leftover. JUICE offers tips and ways to review my day for FREE and those tips will hopefully help me get some more energy later in the day!

Using the JUICE app means you are emptying or filling a- wait for it….a juice bottle. I like the visual. Visual works for me. Of course, at the end of the day, something will probably tell me that I need to EXERCISE and that will help boost my energy. Someone always does when it relates to well-being. I’m working on it!

juice sleep tip
This app is super user friendly. I was really, really bored one night and watched sheep jumping a fence for a while. It did help me get to sleep. I needed sleep, JUICE told me I did. So that worked well. The app comes with Nutrition, Sleep and Exercise preloaded, and you can unlock Stress, Life Balance and Mood as well. I spend most of my days unlocking the door to let stress in lately, so I’d probably just go ahead and add that on immediately if you are like me.

For the most part it’s a neat app and being free, makes it more appealing. I was thinking today that this would be a really great tool for people who have chronic exhaustion or even medical issues- you can see ebbs and flows in the data collected from using the app over time- there may well be useful information for medical professionals in that data. You can also get that data in graph form. I have friends who love a nice graph, so that alone would make them happy!

Would you use an app like JUICE?

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  • That looks incredible! I always struggle with a lack of energy. Thanks for the recommendation!
  • Okay first of all, I need this BAD. Secondly, I literally laughed out loud when I read the part about how they'll probably tell you to exercise since everything like this does- I am the same way! I know I should but I hate it so much. lol
  • Is this only available for iphone/ipad users? Looks like an interesting app. I like the idea of the graph!
  • You know, this ties in to exactly what I've been thinking about in terms of my exhaustion and making the most of my productivity while still getting rest. I would be interested to try this out.
  • I haven't had any energy for the past week. I think I need this.
  • I shut down when the sun sets, and if it could help me keep on after that, I'd be ALL about it!
  • Man, lately i have had 0 energy ALL day! Hmm, i think i need to check it out!

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