Turbo Fire Week 2 Progress

Turbo Fire Intense Cardio fitness progess

This is my gym.

I have successfully completed the first two weeks of Turbo Fire Intense Cardio Conditioning program.  I am thrilled to report that I have lost 3 pounds and 1/2 and inch off my waist.  The workouts are really fun and on my rest day I miss having a work out but I know my body needs a break.  Six times each week I strap on my workout shoes and head to the basement to sweat.  By the end of most of the workouts I am dripping with sweat and I have burned as many as 500 calories in an hour.  Most of the workouts are cardio but some are for toning, sculpting and stretching.  When the instructor, Chalene, said that I would remember the core workout the next day, she was not kidding.  My abs were feeling it but, it was so exciting to know it was going to show results.  My biggest fear was that as a 42 year old I would not be able to keep up with the routines.  Each class has a “new to class” option that breaks down the routines for you can follow until you are confident.  The first time to each class I used the “new to class” option and after that I pushed and played the regular class.  I might miss a punch, kick or jump sometimes but I am moving and sweating.

My next Turbo Fire post will  have my before picture and a week 4 update picture.  I am noticing small changes in the appearance of my body and I am feeling stronger.  You can find some really encouraging before and after pictures on the Beachbody website.  There they have success stories and you can also find some great results on their message boards.

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  • way to go gayle!!
    • Thanks Brett. Next post will have pics of me. That is hard to do but there are some changes going on with my body!

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