TurboFire Intense Cardio Conditioning DVD set

turbofire high intensity cardio program from beachbodyI made a 90 day commitment to the BeachBody team and I am starting the TurboFire Intense Cardio Conditioning program.   As a busy mom who also works full time, I can find many excuses to not get to the gym.  I recently lost 20 pounds  and now I need a push to drop 20 more pounds and tone up.  This is where TurboFire fits in to my schedule.  The workouts are 15 to 55 minutes long and because they are high intensity, they burn loads of calories.  The program also includes core workouts, stretching and sculpting.  So, here I will post pictures of my progress and let you know how things are going. I will post updates of my progress every 2 weeks.   If you want to see the progress other Turbo Fire user have made, go to their website HERE.

What is TurboFire?


is the intense new cardio conditioning program from fitness innovator Chalene Johnson. She’ll help you get leaner with exercises that burn up to 9x more fat than regular cardio does. And with more than 20 smoking-hot music remixes, TurboFire will pick you up and push you past your limits.

Chalene’s New to Class option also gives you the breakdown on how to do each move with the right form.

So forget the excuses. Forget the gym. Now the hottest classes in Southern California come to you.

What do you get with the set?

TurboFire Classes on 11 DVDs
DVD 1: The Get Fired Up DVD – Chalene takes you step-by-step through the program to set you up for success.

DVD 2: Fire 30 Class / Stretch 10 Class – A 30 minute workout with hooks and jumps set to a seriously pumping soundtrack to get you going. When you finish the serious cardio conditioning, you cool down with a 10 minute stretch.

DVD 3: HIIT 15 Class -/ Stretch 10 Class – This is your first High Intensity Interval Training class that goes hard for 15 minutes of drills that will fire up your metabolism for serious fat burning effects. The HIIT workout is followed by the 10 minute stretch class.

DVD 4: Fire 55 EZ Class / Stretch 10 Class – Just because this is called “EZ” doesn’t mean you will be going light. This is 55 minutes of cardio conditioning that have you sweating the whole time. As with all the workouts, there is a 10 minute stretch and cool down to keep your muscles healthy and happy.

DVD 5: Core 20 Class / Stretch 40 Class / Stretch 10 Class – This class has proved to be a favorite among the faithful. All the moves are designed to work you abs from every angle and deliver the flat tummy that you desire.

DVD 6: Fire 45 Class / Stretch 10 Class – Those familiar with TurboKick will feel right at home with this cardio conditioning class full of kicks, punches and dance moves that will tone and sculpt your body.

DVD 7: HIIT 20 Class / Stretch 10 Class – This is another High Intensity Interval Training workout with 20 minutes of what they are calling “Fire Drills”. Fire drills are intense and you will be asked to dig deep and give it your all.

DVD 8: Fire 45 EZ Class / Stretch 10 Class – There are no Fire Drills in this workout, but there is a lot of heat. A nice long cardio conditioning class with a good long stretching routing at the end.

DVD 9: HIIT 25 Class / Stretch 10 Class – Now that you have conditioned yourself to the TurboFire training style, Chalene hits you with the most intense Fire Drill workout in the program. 25 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training to show what you are made of.

DVD 10: Sculpt 30 Class / Tone 30 Class – This workout uses resistance bands to shape and define your muscles. There exercises are challenging and the payoff is real.

DVD 11: Stretch 40 Class / Stretch 10 Class – No workout program would be complete without having one routine completely devoted to stretching your muscles and increasing your flexibility. That keeps the muscles long, lean, and healthy.

TurboFire Advanced Deluxe includes 5 advanced workouts on 4 DVDs:
The number in each title designates the class length.

* DVD 12 Fire 60 Class/Stretch 10 Class
Whip roundhouse kicks to “What You Got” and watch those extra pounds sizzle away.
* DVD 13 HIIT 30 Class/Stretch 10 Class
See if you’re fired up enough to handle 11 fat- and calorie-scorching fire drills.
* DVD 14 Upper 20 Class/Lower 20 Class/Stretch 10 Class
Looking for lean, “don’t mess with me” arms and shapely, “go-forever”

legs? Then these classes are for you.
* DVD 15 Abs 10 Class/Stretch 10 Class
If you can handle Training Camps, the Frog, and other tough exercises in just 10 minutes, your abs will look incrediblePlus you get these TurboFire support tools:Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide: In order to achieve results, you need to follow this calorie-driven guide that will help you fuel your body with easy-to-prep recipes and tips.
TurboFire Class Schedule: Follow this for maximum results!
5 Day Inferno Plan (lose 10 lbs in 5 days)
Resistance Band
Turn Up The Burn workout guide: Learn why this workout is so unique, how HIIT works, and why it all really works.
Measuring TapeTurboFire can be purchased on the BeachBody website and on Amazon.  It retails for 124.99 plus shipping.My 2 week update post will be ready soon with my starting photos and 2 week progress photos.  Should be interesting for this camera shy mama!
I have been provided with a TurboFire program for this review.  Opinions are my own.

About the author: I am a plant-based mom, wife, educator and blogger.

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  • Good LUCK!!! I can't wait to hear how this works for you!!
  • I would love to see how this works. Can't wait to hear about your progress. I am always looking for some cross training program.
  • my husband and I are BeachBody Coaches - we love it and have seen significant changes in our fitness levels!
  • I really want to review the 10 minute trainer system. I wish you luck and will be following your success! :)
  • Sounds like a wonderful program and with all kinds of different workouts, you shouldn't get bored. I look forward to watching your progress!
  • I so need to get in an exercise routine. I think I will check this out. Thanks for posting!
  • this looks awesome. i'm a big fan of dvds because they push me more than i would push myself if i were at a gym. I'll have to check these out!
  • I just started week 3 of the program...I will be posting my week 2 post soon. I am already seeing results and I have lost weight. It is really fun and I am looking forward to the remaining weeks.

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