Upcycle Craft Idea: Painted Vase

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We have some plain, boring glass vases and containers in our house.  Chances are, you have a few in your house too.  Given that it's summer, and lots of us have fresh flowers we want to cut and bring indoors to enjoy looking at, or bring to friends and family, many of us are using these plain old glass vessels more frequently than we may otherwise. This upcycle craft was inspired by all of these plain glass containers and vessels in our house, and I hope it will inspire you to create something new and fun with yours too!

Upcycle Craft: Painted Vase


What you need:

Glass vessel.  Vase, jar, bowl.

FrogTape's Shape Tape

Acrylic or latex paint

Paint brushes

Glitter (optional, but isn't everything better with glitter?)

Newspaper (protect your work surface)

Scissors (clean cuts for different lengths of tape)


What you do:

Gather your supplies so everything is in reach

Apply the  FrogTape® Shape Tape™ where you'd like it to go.


Make sure you smooth the edges down and flatten any little bumps (they seem to always pop up when I am working on a curved surface, maybe it's just me)


Apply paint where you'd like it to go. My 6 year old is working hard on his own vase- he's excited to pick his own flowers for the table and put them in his vase soon.  AND since I forgot to take pictures of painting my vase, you get so see my handsome little guy who's not feeling well.


After your vase is done being painted, sprinkle glitter on top of the paint.


Allow to dry fully. ** Note: Probably not the BEST project to do on a humid day. We did ours on a humid day and the paint took hours and hours to fully dry.



After the paint is fully dry, remove the tape and admire your work. Well done, my friend!


Then, fill with water  and add your favorite flowers.


So what made me use the  FrogTape® Shape Tape™? Well, it's fun.  It comes in Chevron, Wave and Scallop pre-cut patterns.  It's something new and different.  I want to try to do a DIY photo canvas with a chevron background and hope to start that in a few weeks… I'm a little nervous but hey, what do I have to lose?

FrogTape® adheres REALLY well to any surface I've tried it on.  Adheres well but removes easily and cleanly. That's super impotant when you are painting, you don't want the tape to damage your surface or your hard work!

The sky's the limit- or at least, as high as your ladder can reach, for your creativity.  Paper, walls, furniture, housewares… you can use this tape on just about anything to give it a little extra pizazz.

Users can stagger the placement of the tape, or vary the widths, for personalized and unique designs. The first thing I thought of for the Chevron was to make a Charlie Brown t-shirt costume for Halloween!

Shape Tape™ is treated with patented PaintBlock® Technology, a super absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape, which helps prevent paint bleed. It’s designed with a slit liner on the back of the tape for easier application – remove one half of the liner, position the tape and remove the other half.

Shape Tape™ is available at participating Lowes and Walmart locations, and all Menards stores across the United States. Users should visit http://frogtape.com/shapetape for more information.

Follow FrogTape® (the makers of Shape Tape™)  on Twitter and Pinterest @FrogTape for lots of inspirational ideas!

What projects will you be using Shape Tape™ for?


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  • super cool idea! I have never heard of frog tape before. Will have to try this out.

  • That came out so cute. What a fun craft idea for summertime with kids.

  • What a great idea and so crafty. My boys would love to do that especially my toddler.

  • This is a great idea. The kids would love to do this for gift giving.

  • That project looks like a great rainy day or boredom busting project for the kids! That tape seems like it makes it super easy and the clean up was probably pretty easy, too 🙂

    Very cute!

  • Love this, it is perfect for not very talented artists like me

  • This is such a great craft idea, what fun for the kids to do this Summer break! Your vase looks so beautiful, they are creative decorations for the home to spice it up a bit. Would make the living room mantle here look more bright!

  • This looks beautiful! Great job!

  • The vase came out great! I love how easy the Frog Tape is to use….it really makes a difference when working with kids.

  • I love this idea! Now you have somewhere to put the flowers that hubby brings you on your next date night! 😀

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  • That is beautiful! It looks so easy but packs a big punch.

  • When I was looking at the procedure along with the photos, I thought it isn’t going according to plan as I can’t see how those photos will result to the end product. But then I was amazed to see how it turned out to be a great product! It is good to know that you create something new with your son. That’s one point to quality time. 🙂

  • Neat project idea! I’m thinking this would also work well with old glass canisters.

  • Awesome idea, I never thought to do this. The kids would love making something like this too.

  • Ooh, this is the first I’ve heard of this but it’s great for projects like this!. Love how your vase turned out.

  • Fast and fun! What a quick craft for kids

  • That is a nice looking vase. Thank you for sharing it with those less crafty people as inspiration.

  • Those came out super cute. I had no idea there was frog tape that is shaped like that.

  • That turned out beautifully. I wouldn’t have thought to use the Frog Tape for a raft project like that, but I want to try it now.

  • This is a great idea. Love how easy it is to do.

  • The Frog Tape makes the project so easy. This is so much fun and I want to run and get my craft on now! It turned out really cute!


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