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Up until this week, I’ve always used whatever antivirus protection that came with my paid internet subscriptions.  I can’t say I’ve been thrilled with it, but it’s done the basics and kept us from having all of our accounts hacked, etc.  I’ve been embracing change with things relating to security, and as my kids are playing more and more games on our computer, I know that I have to be hyper vigilant to protect my computers from accidental clicks, etc.   Earlier this week I signed up for a one year subscription to VIPRE Antivirus software and I’m really glad I did. 

I realize this sounds weird coming from a deal blogger, but remember, I think you need to maximize your money spent- there’s no use getting a huge deal on something that doesn’t end up lasting breaks quickly.  Spending some money from the get-go on quality virus protection that has reliable service and protects your computer/laptop/desktop is definitely worth it- I know people who lost their whole computer to a virus and lots valuable photos and documents in the process.  I think the $49.95 a year or $129.95 lifetime license for Vipre to protect you from threats is worth every penny.   There’s even free support (US) available. 

What I like about this software is that it combines antivirus and antispyware into one program and doesn’t bog down my operating system.  I seem to have a knack for making computers run very slowly and anything I can find to speed things up is a plus in my book. 

What do you use for antivirus software?  What has your experience been?  So far, I’m quite pleased with Vipre.  I have a deep scan scheduled for right when I go to bed so I can wake up to a fresh start with my laptop!

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  • thanks for sharing this information!
  • My husband is the tech geek... who knows what he's got going on under this hood! LOL.. I'll have to ask about this one =)
  • I usually use what's free though recently I had some malware on my computer that took forever to clean out. I might actually drop some cash to be fully protected.
  • My husband generally takes care of this for our computers. I'll let him know about it!

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