Warmly Yours Under Desk Heater

Father’s Day is quickly approaching.  Are you stumped for gift ideas?  Well, I have a great idea for you.  WarmlyYours Under Desk Heater.  Don’t giggle I’m serious.  This is a unique gift idea for the dad that has everything.  This under desk heater is a plug in pad that is placed underneath your desk and provides a gentle warmth.  It’s great to use in the winter when it is cold, but works equally as well in the hot summer months when that air conditioning is blasting.

  • Perfect for year round use in your office or home
  • Uses less than 120 watts
  • 2 different size options

My husband tried this out at the office.  He said it was easy to use (just plug in and use) and effective.  The pad was comfortable and gave off a gentle heat that was effective without getting too hot or cool.  A simple product that works well.  While this heating pad works well as an under desk heater, as it is intended, don’t let your imagination stop there!  In fact, mama bargains and I came up with an ingenious use for this item!  We have been dabbling a little more into baby and children’s photography and have found that this works perfectly for newborn photo shoots.  I simply place the pad underneath the backdrop paper while I am photographing those (often nude) little babes, and it keeps the chills away and everyone happy.  When baby is warm and happy, it makes for a much better shoot (and photos)!  I couldn’t be more pleased with my new little toy.  Now I just have to steal it back from under my husband’s desk!


WarmlyYours has a wide range of radiant heating products including floor heating, radiant panels, snow melting, towel warmers and other heating solutions.  Check out their website for many unique products such as area rug warmers and mirror defoggers.  In addition, WarmlyYours offers same day shipping for orders placed before 4 pm.  Follow WarmlyYours on Facebook for the latest product news and sales.

I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review.  All opinions expressed are my own.[ad#glam between posts]

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