We had “The Talk” today. The period talk.

So my daughter has been eyeing a little pink cosmetic bag that arrived a few weeks ago that’s been in my closet.  She’s also been uber-inquisitive when I’ve had my period lately, noticing I’m in the bathroom more frequently, products more noticeable, etc.  As part of the Kotex Ambassador program, we received these little bags with some emergency essentials, and as I have been putting this post off because I knew we’d have a CONVERSATION, but today, it just happened.

u by kotex

Mom, what’s the bag for? Is it for me?  Can I see?

Well, um…its sort of for you.  But for when you are older.

MOM. I JUST turned 7. I’m totally older.  PS can I have it now?

Uh…sure.  Here you go.

u by kotex for tweens

What IS this?  Ohhhhhhhh is the chapstick pink?  Can I have it mom?  Please?

(Waving U by Kotex pads around) Are these stickers?  Notepads?  Can I have them? I want blue, and purple!

This is it.  Oh crap. Yes, you can have them, but you probably won’t need to use them for a really long time. They are pads, and liners.  They go on your underwear.

Like a diaper?

Well, not really.  When you are older, and when your sister is older, women’s bodies have cycles that happen each month, and at the end of the cycle, you have blood.

u by kotex products for tweens

THE BLOOD? (eyes are huge)

Yes, the blood.  Although most people call it their period.  It doesn’t hurt.  And we can talk more about it when the time gets closer.  But this bag, it’ something they sent to us, with some supplies for you to keep on hand, for just in case.  Sometimes your period can kind of sneak up on you, and it’s always good to have a pad or a liner in your bag, for just in case.

OK.  Am I going to be grouchy when I get the blood- I mean the periods- like you?  Because you are super grouchy sometimes.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm…maybe.  You never know.

Can I have the chapstick now?  It’s pink.  And I have a nail can I use the nailfile?



That’s it folks.  Nothing earth shattering to report here.  All that worry and buildup for nothing.  Sigh.


About an hour later she came up and patted my back.  Thanks for the emergency bag, mom.  I like it.  You did a great job today.



Granted, she’s only 7.  But at least we’ve broken the ice.  Although I guess we’ve started breaking it before today. We’ll talk more when she’s got more questions.  I think we’re good.  We’ve tucked the bag in a special place in her closet for safekeeping, until we think it’s a good idea to keep in her backpack.

I think the next time we broach this topic, we’ll maybe do it on a mother-daughter date, when it’s just the two of us and we can have some time to talk.  Even if it’s at a mall shopping date, she can ask questions and I can answer.  Bonding moments can happen when you least expect them to- I wasn’t expecting to have a “talk” today but honestly? I’m glad we did.

What are your mother-daughter bonding activities?  Do you take those times and use them to have important conversations?  Do you go with the flow?  
I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of U by Kotex Tween and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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  • I love, love, love that you are talking about this at such an early age. We have our girl bodies are whole entire lives and should know how they work at a young age that way there are no surprises later in life. Good work Mommy!

  • I got the American girl book The Care and Keeping of You and went through a section per night before bed w my 8 year old…she devoured it and its simple yet straight forward..she is young enough to be super excited about growing up..she is almost 9 and I find her reading it every now and then..it’s at CVS and Barnes and noble

  • i wont have to have this talk for a long time thank god

  • i have a long time before i have to have this talk! lol

  • This is so funny! Your daughter is really funny! I thought you discussed the period talk with your daughter in a really good way. Keep up the good work!

  • Ever graceful, I think you handled it very well (especially for M’s age!) Although I can not imagine you being grouchy! Too funny!

  • I think you did a great job!!! Her face is priceless in the second pic. The whole conversation was just too cute!! I need to get one of these for my 12 year old

  • I love the way you did this. It was so casual and relaxed and made the whole process seem natural and normal. Great job mama, and great materials from Kotex to work with!

  • LOL too funny! My daughter is only 5 however she has walked in on me numerous times. She is frightened of her period. Not having the full talk yet, but the blood, yeah she isn’t excited.

  • I think it’s great that you’re starting the discussion this young! It’s definitely better than waiting until it’s too late!

  • That is too funny. You know, this conversation is a great way to break the ice. It didn’t have to be some big, heavy, deep conversation. You’re opening up the idea of what will be happening with her body over time. She is so cute wanting the nail file and chapstick. lol Clearly she wasn’t traumatized!

  • I think any age is a good age to statt talking about this with girls. It will happen to them. My twins started asking what pads were for at age four. Yes age four. So at that age I called them “mommy band-aids”, so naturally they were happy and understood that it helped a “boo-boo.” At your daughter’s age 7 they had more questions about them so I answered pretty much like you did. They now understand it WILL happen to them. I.wanted to start telling them early because I.was an early bloomer. Had my first period at age 11. My girls are now 9 and heading into puberty. Might I suggest the book put out by American Girl, “The Care and Keeping of You”. Highly recommend to give the book to girls between the ages of 7-9. Statistically they are entering puberty earlier than we did. And I thought I was young.

    Bless you for answering het questions honestly and openly. To Jenilee, I would start closer to 8 or 9 to have the TALK.


    • Oh, Paula, I had heard of that American Girl book! THank you! I’m going to grab it for the house. I had my first at 10, so I know what you are saying. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s got super inquisitive kids. (My kids used to take tampons from the cabinet, and launch them like torpedos through the gate at the top of the stairs. Rockets! Mommy! Rockets! and I let them, because it meant I got a shower to myself.

  • I just had my first talk with my 9 yr old. It was not quite as casual as yours and mine included a lot of strange faces (“really?”). But I’m glad we did. It’s not the only talk we’ll have and the older she gets the more details I’ll have to add. But for now at least she won’t be confused by rumors from her friends. I’m also looking for a factual but age appropriate book for her about “growing up”. Any suggestions moms??? Thanks for sharing your stories 🙂

    • Katie, Paula just recommended “The Care and Keeping of You” by American Girl for a good book. I think I’m going to do some research and get a post together of some book recommendations. We need support!

  • I LOVE that she asked if she’d be grouchy like you. Ha! I’m surprised Ry didn’t ask me the same. 🙂 Your daughter is hilarious. Glad the talk went well!

  • Oh, Im glad that I have a boy – thankfully i dont have to have “THAT” talk…but, im sure ill have other talks that I’ll have to have with him! BLAH! lol,

  • OMG. 7. EEK. That’ll come all too soon… Hopefully I can wait until Annabelle is a little older. 10 or 11…hopefully. They grow up too quick that’s for sure.

  • Sounds like you did an awesome job! I’ve heard several people say they think that the 7-9 year old range is the best for first bringing up this topic. They’re old enough to understand, but not old enough to find it as awkward as a teenager would!
    (love the pic, LOL!)

  • Great job mom! I think it’s awesome that you casually explained it to her without making it a big scary deal. It’s important for girls to have an idea of what to expect when they get older so it doesn’t come out of the blue and freak them out. And man, she’s a smart cookie to know that grouchiness and periods go together! LOL!

  • OMG Your daughter is hilarious! When she is 16 and in high school and needs punishment, just email this post to all of her friends. You MUST include the photo 🙂

  • Your daughter cracks me up “The Blood” – I LOVE it – I think that is what periods SHOULD be called! It’s very dramatic… like how I get when I get my period! LOL!
    But seriously that is an AWESOME talk you had – very natural, not over-the-top detailed, just right for her age. You did great! 🙂


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