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Wow.  My apologies.  I had 2 posts for my progress that stuck in draft land and didn’t post.  Jeez.  :o(  So it’s been a while.  I was doing fine, holding steady…I actually have to go figure out my total right now but its about 26lbs lost.  30, HERE I COME!

I’m still here.  Still on program.  Was off program when I was in California, although I was careful and didn’t go crazy…but I still gained.  Happily, only 2.6 lbs were gained, and as of this morning I was down 1.2 from that.  I’m going to break 30lbs lost by July 31st.  That’s my goal.  I’d like to do it sooner, time will tell.  June got “hairy” as my friend Karly says, when I got home from my trip I had 3 sick kids and then I got sick…and its been a big game of catch up ever since.

I also have to admit something.

I hate to exercise.  I mean, I WANT to exercise.  I NEED to exercise.

I really, really REALLY want to love exercise.

How do I go from hating exercise to loving it?  Because, let’s be honest, I need to do it.  I just can’t seem to get out of my own way.  HELP. 

(Please don’t tell me to wake up before my children and work out before they wake up. I have three children who hate sleeping and don’t do it well and they barely sleep till 5:30 most days). 

Help me love exercise. 

Help me like it.

Maybe just help me not despise it.


Pretty please?  With (nonfat) whipped cream on top?

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  • well I'll give my two cents, and maybe people already said this ... and maybe it won't help you but here goes. 1. I know, who wants to wake up ANY earlier than they have to. So what you could do is find a way to exercise that involves your kids. Like find a really pretty hiking/walking trail that is low key, and take the kids for a 1 mile walk or something. 2. Whatever you do - make it SUPER fun, like get all your favorite songs in your Ipod as a list just for working out. Or find something you can do where you can watch a fun movie while working out. Even doing stretches during your TV / movie watching. Or reading a great book while on a exercycle. I know that if i have something else to watch/read when I exercise, the minutes just FLY by. 3. Exercise with someone else. Always fun to have chatter when you work out. I am HAPPY to go for a walk with you!! :)
  • The best advice I have for you is this: when you are stressed, go to the gym. You'll feel so relieved as if losing weight is stressful enough already! I was in the same boat as you...two summers ago, I lost 60lbs+. I was overweight at 285lbs (getting ready to pitch towards 300lbs) and I needed to do something. Losing the weight was the best thing that ever happened to me...also, last summer I lost another 20lbs...so a total of 80lbs but I gained like 10lbs but I'm trying to lose another 30...but this is great to hear your success story! I know losing weight isn't easy but another tip I have for you is dancing...because every part of your body is moved around. Back in April, I bought an Xbox with Kinect and bought a lot of the dancing games for it. It's awesome! If you want to know more, you can just tweet me (@couponkingchris) or just send me an email! I wish you the best of luck...I'm only 21 but my experience set the stepping stone for a better and healthier future! Good luck to you! :)
  • S-W-I-M!!!! I hate to sweat AND I have really poor circulation on my right side (especially my leg) due to a DVT so I feel your pain with working out. I joined our community center and I swim at least three times a week. It has been a GREAT way for me to workout. I usually do 30 minutes of treading water in the deep end which burns me about 175 calories and then I'll swim a few laps or "jog" in the pool in the shallow end, etc. They also have a therapy pool that lets my muscles relax which is a big help. Within 45 minutes I'll easily burn 250-300 calories. LOVE swimming!! But seriously.... swimming is where it's at for those of us that hate exercise. It's also a WONDERFUL activity for my son and I to do together. He absolutely loves to swim so he just thinks I'm treating him when we go there. Little does he know... mommy's exercising as well! :) Oh, and join My Fitness Pal online. (There's also an app for the iPhone which I stinking love!) You can add me as a friend on there and we can hold each other accountable and encourage one another. --Jackie-- www.madjackie.blogspot.com
  • Some people just don't like to exercise. Try different things until you find something that you like enough to keep going. Focus on the outcome, the benefits, what it will do for your body. I don't like cardio, I hate it. But I do it almost every day because I can't just lift weights if I want to reach my goals. I started Zumba recently and really like that. Think outside the box...boxing, dance classes, maybe start with walking. Good luck and I hope you find something you can tolerate!
    • Thank you Carli! Maybe I should look into Zumba. I have heard that's fun!!

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