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Good morning, friends.  I just weighed in.  I am the last to weigh in around here, apparently, even though I’m the one trying to lose weight.  Even the dog wanted to weigh in this morning (he and the kids are all holding steady, I’m sure you’ll be glad to know).  Once it was finally my turn, I was pretty glad to see the result on the scale!  I am down 2.8 lbs this week for a total of 24. 3 lbs lost.  My clothes are getting BIG.  I had to throw out a bunch of underwear a few weeks ago because it was ginormous.  I’m officially in a smaller size and that’s getting a tiny bit loose.  Tiny bit.  10 more pounds and it’ll be loose.  I actually bought a shirt last week for myself, nothing exciting, but got compliments on how it looked.  On me!  That’s a huge motivator in itself!

I’m still love, love loving the Italian Wedding Soup, and the Italian Flatbread Pizza is my favorite dinner food- love that with some broccoli on top of it!! So delicious.  We’ve been enjoying grilled asparagus now that the weather’s been warmer- if you haven’t had grilled asparagus ever, I HIGHLY recommend it.   Marinate it in a fat free italian and you have some serious delicious veggies.  My 5 year old devours it, so we have to buy 2 whole bundles just to feed the family!!  I can’t wait to have fresh veggies from the garden on the grill and on my pizza this summer!!


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  • Congratulations! I am inspired by you... your readers are cheering you on.
  • You are rocking this thing! I hope you are proud and that you have been my motivation through this journey! I'm eating my pizza the same way! Except I don't share my asparagus!
  • 2.8 pounds is awesome, not to mention buying smaller clothes always feels amazing! I haven't tried grilled asparagus before either, but I'm going to have to put it on our list for this summer!
  • I am blown away by your success! You are doing so great! Before yoy know it you'll be struting your new skinny body in a swimsui! I am so proud of u!
  • Great job Brett!!! You are on a roll :O). I hear you on the fresh veggies.. I've never tried asparagus, may have to try it now!

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