Weekly Weigh In & Nutrisystem’s First-ever Celebrity Chef Culinary Council

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Well, I didn’t get to posting on Friday, although I did weigh in.  Up .2 lbs. Total lost: 21.3 lbs.  Not what I wanted to see, but my own doing.  No sense in dwelling.  Plus, Saturday I spent 6 hours in the car driving to and from a dear friend’s baby shower and there was this food there, and I ate some.  I had better choices than I would have but I wasn’t perfect, my friends.  We’ll see what THIS Friday’s reflection is from my weekend. 
I have a kind of new favorite- the Breakfast Burrito- which surprises me becuase I don’t like a lot of complication in my flavors first thing in the morning and this has many ingredients- but its DELICIOUS and fills me up until lunchtime!   One of YOU may get to try it soon- once I hit 30lbs lost I will be hosting a giveaway for a 10 day supply of Nutrisystem’s frozen foods!! 


Nutrisystem, Inc introduced the members of its first-ever Nutrisystem celebrity Chef Culinary Council, a team of award-winning chefs who will support the Company in its ongoing mission to provide great tasting, high quality food to its customers. The Council will be hands-on in guiding the development of new foods and menu selections and providing their expertise on the latest ingredient and culinary trends.

The members of the Nutrisystem Chef Culinary Council include:

· Tony Mantuano, chef/partner of the only four-star Italian restaurant in Chicago, Spiaggia; a James Beard Winner for Best Chef of the Midwest and a contender on Top Chef Masters Season 2

· Michael Solomonov, owner of Philadelphia’s award-winning restaurant Zahav, 2011 James Beard Award finalist and recent contender on Iron Chef America

· Kent Rathbun, owner of Texas restaurants including: Abacus, Jasper’s, Shinsei, Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen and Zea Woodfire Grill; a former winner on Iron Chef America

· Mark Estee, known for his awarded restaurants in Nevada and California and former personal chef to Britney Spears and Paul McCartney

· Carmen Gonzalez, known in the culinary world for over 20 years as a talented and awarded chef, as well as for her creative Puerto Rican/American fusion cuisine; most recently known as a contender from Top Chef Masters Season 2

“We conducted extensive research and learned from our customers that taste and variety is paramount and that one of the primary barriers to weight loss success is the perceived inability to eat food that tastes good. By working with this tremendously talented group of celebrity chefs, we are further investing in our mission to provide delicious and top quality food to our customers,” said Joe Redling , Chairman and CEO of Nutrisystem.

Last month, the Nutrisystem Chef Culinary Council convened in Dallas to create brand new, never-before-seen recipes for potential new menu items, as well as new recipes to help revamp current menu options. Council members also worked to create grocery lists of flavorful and healthy meal enhancers that will be available exclusively to members on the Nutrisystem™ program in helping them navigate the grocery store.

Earlier this year, Nutrisystem announced the revamp of its food program by incorporating its highest scoring, best tasting fresh frozen gourmet foods into all of its weight loss programs at the lowest price in the Company’s history. The new Nutrisystem® Select® 28-day program now includes one-third frozen foods and two-thirds of pantry-ready foods.

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Now, in light of this week’s gain, you may think this goal is far off.  But I’m determined.  I also have a new help toward my goal, as soon as I get a bike helmet: A NEW BIKE!!  Well, new to me.  Friends of ours generously gave me an unused bike they had in their basement over the weekend so I need to get to using it.  The kids are almost as excited as I am.  The weather is due to be nice this weekend and we may just need to take a nice bike ride on the Rail Trails in town! (There will not be video, not at all.  Sorry).

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  • Way to go!!! Hey, even with a tiny gain, you are doing Great! I wish it would warm up here a bit... I would love to get out on my skates!!
  • I'm glad you aren't taking it hard. I had a 1.2 lb gain... it's life. I'm shaking it off and plugging on to next Friday! You are doing a great job so far.. keep up the good work!
  • You can do it! You'll be at 30 before you know it! Some weeks we lose and some gain. Its ok! Remember its a journey. You are doing great!

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