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Well, here we are on week 6.  This post is hours later than I’d hoped for but hey, life got in the way.  So did the UCONN/Syracuse game (UCONN! UCONN! UCONN!!!!). 

I had ups and downs this week.  Downs, emotionally, and ups, relating to the scale.  I don’t weigh myself daily (omg.  I’d never get off the scale.  Can you imagine?  I’d be standing on the scale blogging and sharing just how much my laptop weighs!!) but I do weigh in on Monday mornings for a reality check and again Friday mornings (and that’s too often…1x/week is the right amount). 
Downs for me always mean sweets.  Lots of them.  This does not exactly equal success with Nutrisystem.  


I’m ON Nutrisystem.  I’m  Nutrisystem Blogger.  I’m REPRESENTING, y’all!!  So yep, I fell off the wagon a little bit.  But you know what?  I also got right back on.  And when I did fall off, I only fell off a little bit.  Pre-Nutrisystem, I’d have done a lot more damage and been far, far worse.  My falling off the wagon included a cadbury creme egg.  Not 6 of them. 

This afternoon, a much anticipated box showed up in my mailbox.  What was it?  My first bear.  A little red beanie baby style bear named Pound with the number 10 embroidered on his back.  I EARNED him.  My dedication and hard work and effort earned me that little guy, and I stuck him up on the shelf in the kitchen to watch over me, and to remind me, that hey, he’s probably lonely, and might want to have some friends to hang out with…like a bear with a 20 on his back…and a 30…and more. 

I did fall off the wagon.  But unlike before, when I just stayed off, I brushed myself off and climbed right back on.  I even grabbed a healthy snack when I did, to keep my belly full and resist temptation.  Its nice to know my wagon was right where I left it. 

So Monday…I weighed in and I was UP 2.5 pounds.  I wasn’t even “bad” over the weekend.  We’d gone out to dinner and I was really good about my choices and portions.  Bonk.  Off the wagon I went.  But I got back on.  I was better each day, all week.  (I’m trying hard to find something to do with the ‘downs’ in my life- suggestions welcome!! instead of eating not good for me things). 

This morning?

DOWN 0.5 lbs.  6 weeks, 16.3 lbs lost. 

I’m happy with that.  I am FEELING great about this program, about relearning how to eat- especially now, in March, which, by the way, is Nutrition Month!!  (What better way to celebrate THAT than by learning how to be healthy and eat right????) 

Most importantly, my clothes are getting bigger.  My family is supporting me.  I have more energy.  I feel more awake and like I can focus better.  I’m not QUITE exercising yet (does lifting the phone to call Emily count as exercise?  If so, I am exercising…) but I’m moving a LOT more- and moving with more ease. 

I’m going to stop now, because I’m getting all teary eyed.  I should really be the Mushy Mama who Loves Her Bargains.  I’m just feeling really grateful to have this chance to be healthy and MODEL good nutrition for my family, and for my health and for our future, and for the chance to share it all with each of you. 

If you got THIS far, well, bless your sappy heart.  You are awesome. I think you are awesome anyway, but for reading all of this?  Fantabulous you!! 

Maybe next week I’ll try the infamous “Shred.”  Or maybe I should start a little slower and do some Wii Fit stuff.  Then the kids can do it with me. One thing is for sure, tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow is a new “week” for me on Nutrisystem.  No falling off the wagon this week.  Upward (um, downward, scale) and onward!

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  • Hey great going! that is awesome and yes I read the ENTIRE THING. Are you kidding? I think this is amazing what you are doing and I imagine it must be TERRIBLY challenging. I had to do a dairy/gluten free diet for 2 weeks once, and I think I broke the rules like EVERY DAY. I just could NOT keep from eating stuff I liked... so I admire your stick-to-it-ness. And I think 16.3 lbs is a great accomplishment. Oh and if someone had offered me a Dairy-Free Beanie Baby, I TOTALLY would've been able to stick with the program. I am in LOVE with beanie babies (but that's like my deep-dark-huge-rubbermaid-tote-in-the-attic secret! k?) :)
  • Thank you!!
  • Way to go, Brett!
  • >Great job Brett!!! I am so proud of you for dusting yourself off and getting on with the program! You did amazing!

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