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So, this week was much, much better all around.  Yesterday, my third order of pantry foods arrived.  I can’t believe I’ve almost finished 2 months on this program!!  It’s been such a great experience, and I can’t wait to see what month #3 brings.  This month’s focus was apparently pizza, soup and chocolate.  I’m not kidding.  I think out of 18 items for breakfast, 15 had chocolate involved, plus 8 of the fudge bars for lunches, and 5?6? Italian Flatbread Pizzas.  I guess I needed some sort of a chocolate fix? 
We’ve been going through over 5 lbs of carrots a week and about 6 lbs of apples, we Bargains have.  That’s a lot!! But so worth it.  I’ve noticed the longer I’m doing Nutrisystem, the more reaching for healthier options first is a habit more than a conscious thought- and a side benefit is that I’ve noticed the kids are asking for healthier options more often as well! 
The weather’s starting to be more spring-like, which means being outdoors more, and that means exercise!!  In fact, I just got a new stroller to try out…so hopefully I can get some toning in along with fresh air and exercise!!  Yay!!  The big kids have been asking to head to the bike trail so we’ll be seeing what the mud situation is like this weekend, I hope, providing they are feeling better.
This week, I lost a total of 4.7 lbs.  (I followed plan well, we were super busy, and we did some yard work a few times, which involved digging, raking, and pushing a wheelbarrel up and down the hill in our yard several times).  Total lost:  20.5 lbs!!  I earned my 2nd Nutribear!! I’ll have to share a photo once it gets here of my 10 and 20lb bears. 
If you are thinking about doing Nutrisystem, I totally think its worth it.  100% think its worth it.  A few months ago I didn’t think I could get started losing weight, let alone come this far so quickly.  I kind of felt like I’d trapped myself inside of this body that was mine, but at the same time, wasn’t mine at all.  I wasn’t happy, I felt badly about myself, and I was using food to supress emotions.  I’m not saying life is perfect, because I’d be lying- and sometimes I want to just eat 2 pieces of “normal” pizza…but then I remember what made me start this journey, and why I want to not only be able to continue it, but see the end- my life- my husband, my kids, my family and myself.  I was self destructing.  I want to live to be a crabby old lady sitting on her porch shaking her cane at people who disagree with me, years after watching my own grandchildren grow up.  Then, I can eat all the oreos I want.  Until then, I cannot and will not. 

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  • Congrats lady! You deserve it! That is incredible!!!!!! I hope to be sharing a new Nutribear this next week, too :O).
  • okay any diet that lets you eat chocolate for breakfast has my vote! :) I want to see the bears!! Congrats on getting to the 20 lb mark!!! You rock!!
  • Congratulations on your 2nd nurtibear. I am looking forward to getting my first with next week's check-in!
  • AMAZING!! Congratulations on another bear, that's awesome! I love your last paragraph as well, I feel exactly the same way! Nutrisystem has been such an amazing journey so far and I would completely recommend it as well!
  • Can't wait to get outside either!! It's been so moody here though, as soon as I get ready to go out the wind and rain start at it.....when there is no way I can go, it's perfect out! Grrrr. Congrats on the bear but more importantly on your "untrapping" and self-discovery! Yay for YOU!!!
  • Oh I'm so jealous! I started the 10 day challenge and so far I totally love it. I SOOO wish I could get on the longer program it would be heaven. Congrats to you!
  • You are just plain awesome!! I need to boost my weight loss - maybe more workouts or something because I feel like I'm loosing so slowly- I'm hoping to bump it up and hopefully earn my first bear this week! I'm only 1.4lbs off of that so crossing my fingers.

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