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Week #3 on Nutrisystem has come to a close for me.   I’m kind of annoyed with myself and probably shouldn’t be.  I’m UP 0.2 lbs.  That means my total loss is 8.3 lbs in 3 weeks.  I had higher hopes, but you know what?
I shouldn’t be upset.  I mean, yes, I had a gain.  But I also got a very VERY very much needed date with my husband last Saturday night, and we enjoyed some Mexican food- had I not been on Nutrisystem I can tell you there would have been a queso dip on our table and I’d have ordered a full meal- this was NOT the case.  I drank a full glass of water when we got there, and did enjoy some chips, but not a ton- and instead of ordering a meal, I did a la carte.  No sour cream and guac for this girl anyway, but I asked them to go easy on the cheese.  I should be proud of myself!!

Maybe I wouldn’t have gained.  But Sunday was my dad’s birthday celebration with most of my siblings, spouses and children.  My contribution was Paula Deen’s macaroni and cheese.  (I love you Paula, but I don’t think I can “see” you for a long time…)  Which I did really really well not touching all day long while it was in the crock pot.  I did have a tiny serving of it with dinner, but had mostly veggies and a small serving of chicken.  Then it was time for dad to blow out the candles.  He didn’t understand what we meant by blowing out the candles, and I got upset.  I had a nice, big piece of cake, because, like usual, I turned to food when I got upset. 

All of this eating over the weekend led to a 2.5 lb gain on Monday morning.  So I busted my butt all week and didn’t manage to undo all of the damage done last weekend.  I’m trying to focus on the positive, that I lost almost all of what I’d gained over the weekend.  I’d just hoped for a few ounce loss, I guess. 

Regardless of what the scale says this morning, all 4 times I weighed myself (yes I am admitting that!), I’m still feeling good.  I’m STILL making better choices even with my slips and falls, and I know I’m making changes for the better. 
Today started  a new week, and I am back on track.  Hopefully the scale will just DROP a bunch next Friday.  If not, there’s always the next week!
Before I go- I finally was ‘allowed’ to try the Italian Wedding Soup I mentioned a few weeks ago-I say allowed because my 3 and 5 year old take turns choosing my meals.  They love it.  I feel like they are supporting me so I don’t mind!!  It’s kind of fun. 

The Italian Wedding Soup, though?  Oh, my.  I just placed my order for my 2nd month of foods and requested 5 of this soup- its SO yummy!!  I love it!! 

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  • >Hey! I am joining the NSNation this week! I am so excited! I am now following you and can not wait to see your progress! I would love to stay in contact and help each other out! :) Good luck to both of us! Cassandra @ www.aubutfamily.com
  • >I loved reading the ups and downs of your week! I'm a NSNation Blogger too and it's so inspiring for me to read about how other women are doing.I switched my weigh-in day to avoid that weekend-blew-it-all problem :)I started a linky so we could all find each others posts easily, I hope you'll come link up your post at Motivation Monday and hop around to read other posts from NSNation bloggers.http://kellysluckyyou.com/2011/02/motivation-monday-linky-feb-21-2011/
  • >At least you know your triggers and weaknesses. I'm sorry about your dad and it upsetting you. Big (((HUG))) gal! Better luck this week. How DO those meals taste, btw? I have seriously been thinking about doing their program...but just not sure...
  • >You're making changes and while you may not see an immediate result, it's the long term results that matter! Keep up the great work - you're an inspiration to many.
  • >@katie- thanks. as far as taste- i was shocked when i started. obviously i cant like it all- some things have mushrooms and i hate mushrooms. but overall, two thumbs up. the italian flatbread pizza is SO SO good. i put broccoli on it and i love it. yummy. and the ital wedding soup was superb. some things aren't superb. but honestly? its way better than my cooking !! LOL
  • >You are doing great! Don't get discourage. I have found out that this plan is about choices and it looks like you made some wise choices in tempting situations. You really are doing great! Can't wait to see what next week brings for your one month on the plan! Here is to a great week!Amy at Harvest For Tomorrow
  • >I completely understand what you're feeling! Feb is just a hard month for me with so many anniversaries birthdays and valentine's day and we went on a trip too. My family is sort of supportive but there are those who give me weird looks or are always criticizing my food asking me don't I just want to eat what they are. (It's hard when you live in a house with 11 people- yep my parents,their two teenagers, my husband and I, our three kids and my sister and her husband.) Don't worry a .2 loss isn't that bad and I'm amazed you were able to come back from over a 2lb weight gain on that- that's great! Keep up the good work!
  • >I did nutrisystem too. You loose a bunch at first then it slows down. It's a good program but the food gets boring.I liked the website they have and how easy it is to throw a dinner in the microwave and 1 minute later it's ready. Keep it up. Soon it will be warm enough to start walking outside again. Alit
  • >Keep up the great work! Even with the gain, you still have managed to lose it! I know im trying to keep my weight level - and i want to cry when i see the number go up - even if it is less than 1 lb...
  • >It's so frustrating how easy it is to put on weight yet how much work it is to take off the same amount, isn't it? In actuality you did a great job losing 2.3 pounds!!Tomorrow is always another day, you're still on the right track to a healthier life!
  • >I agree, don't give up and you did great! I turn to food when upset too... we need to find new ways to deal I guess. Try texting me! :O) Next week we both will ROCK! ;)
  • >Keep up the great work. I know how frustrating it is to lose an dthen gain just for having a little fun over one weekend :(. It will come off aain in no time. Love you!

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