>Weekly Weigh-In with Nutrisystem Update and there’s an app for *this* too! #NSNATION

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So I am done with week #2 on Nutrisystem.  I feel like the meal plan is a part of my routine, and my family is being really supportive.  My 3 and 5 year old fight over who gets to choose my meals!!
I got to try a bunch of new things again this week, some I loved, some not so much (I don’t eat mushrooms, so need to pick them out before eating…) but overall, I’m liking all of the foods!  I broke our microwave somehow (it died, but since I was using it, I get ‘credit’) and that’s kind of made being on program a pain, although I’m making it work.  We need to get a new microwave ASAP!!
Weigh in #2 brought a loss of 4.4 lbs.  That’s a total of 8.5 lbs.  I’m kind of excited.  Not that it is noticeable yet, but it FEELS awesome and I know I’m doing what I need to do. 
Week 2 brought something else into my life.  You see, eating so many veggies and fruits, along with high fiber foods can um….well, make you a little bit gassy.  This isn’t something I am excited about sharing on the internet, but I try to be real and honest, and there you go.  I’m hoping as my body adjusts that it decreases and I expect it will.  So, there you go. 
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Dealicious Mom
Nutrisystem unveiled a new app for BMI
BMI is an effective way to estimate healthy body weight and one of the most widely used diagnostic tools to help identify health and weight problems. The *free* Nutrisystem BMI app for the iPhone features the ability to:

· Calculate BMI in seconds and tell the user if he/she is underweight, healthy or overweight
· Generate a basic diet plan to help improve and maintain an ideal BMI
· Save and track BMI data
· Provide reminders for regular BMI checks

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  • >8.5 lbs is amazing!! Here's to great next week on our NSNation journey!! hugs Meredith
  • >Thanks for sharing this with us. I have never used a "program" to lose weight but from what ive read i think i will check nutrisystem out. I think its awesome that you are involving your kids as well. Teaching kids healthy eating habits should be a priority for all moms
  • >Woohoo! That is awesome, Brett! I am SO proud of you (and inspired)!!! xoxo
  • >Way to go! :) This program sounds great! Wish I had an IPhone to use that App! LOL
  • >8.5 pounds in 2 weeks is A-FREAKING-MAZING! Seriously, you're rocking this thing!
  • >CONGRATS! I'm just starting week 2 and really don't care for mushrooms either! It's so worth picking them out though.Keep on going!
  • >I know what you mean about gassy, but it DOES pass and you adjust. :O) I promise! Congrats on 4.4!!! How awesome is THAT? Keep up the awesome work woman... I believe in you!

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