>What do you do when you find a mouse in your house?


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Let me preface this by saying, I have not found a mouse in this house.   In fact, i don’t recall seeing one in our old house.  (Maybe the kitty does act all feline and whatnot! Go kitty!)   I do, however, distinctly remember a mouse being in the kitchen of the house I grew up in, and only my older brother B was home with me- and we did. not. get. along…so asking for help was pointless.  Instead of even bothering, I did what any 12 year old girl would do.  I screamed a lot, climbed on a chair, rotary-dialed a friend, and sat on top of the kitchen table chatting on the phone with one eye on THE ENORMOUS MOUSE until someone came home (which felt like an eternity but likely was within 20 minutes). 

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Which brings me to why I’m writing this post and should get my memories back to 2011.  Because when I ever find a rodent in my house…I’m the mama.  I’m the one who has to deal with rodent control (unless Mr. Bargains is home pleasepleaseohpleaselethimbehomeforthat) and I’d rather have an idea of what my options are ahead of time, and not have to grab any thing willy-nilly off the shelf. 

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I like to think I’ll be humane about rodents, and just find a way to let them go free outside (far, far away from the Bargains house…) and in keeping with this, and my searching keeps bringing me back to products like Victor repellents, that use ultrasonic technology instead of chemicals or something that could harm my kids or my own pets.


Having an ultrasonic repellent means my kids and I can’t hear the sound- nor can my dog or cat (or fishes).  The rodents aren’t dead, just don’t come around anymore (pleasepleaseohplease)…so, problem solved, without This Mama touching a single rodent.  Perhaps I should just purchase one of these to keep around just in case, because, you know, that mouse that was in my house when I was 12, 30 miles from here…it could be a mutant mouse now and try to come visit me as an adult. If I had an ultrasonic repellent, I’d be prepared before he came by for a pop-in. 

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  • >I would scream, squeal, jump on the table and cry, wait there until someone rescued me...seriously!
  • >I grew up on a farm so you'd think was used to this... and I DO think they are so cute (when they are out in a field, scampering around...NOT in a house scrounging through food and clothing. ICKY). We had a few come in our garage last summer when my son moved some things into the garage. The extra items provided hiding and we quickly set traps. I have them and am NOT afraid to use them. The field ones that can come from the marsh area near us can carry disease and ticks, etc. They are GONE if I see one!(sorry all you animal lovers)
  • >What do I do when a mouse is in your house? I move. LOL.
  • >I must tell you that when I was in high school a mouse came in our house with a box of Christmas decorations. My best friend and I were in a panic and standing in chairs:)We got my cat to catch it...and then we took it away from my cat and let it go in the field because we did not want her to hurt it:)This looks very good for sure. I don't want them in my house, but I am a big animal lover too:)

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