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This is a sponsored post about potty training and why it isn’t fun written by me on behalf of Huggies Pull-Ups. If there’s one part of parenting I’d honestly outsource if I could, it would be potty training.  It’s been one of my least favorite activities to date, and quite honestly, my kids kind of did a lot on their own and I didn’t have to do much.  I hate it.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the not using of the diapers, but the potty training process? Argh.  Not fun.  So grab a (potty seat), maybe a beverage, and come here my woes.

There are 3 main situations which make me loathe potty training.

Adult: Let’s try to use the potty!

Child: No. (I don’t have to, don’t wanna, you can insert whatever refusal statement you’d like)

Adult: It’s been a while (feeling that fear creep in, will they make it? Will there be an accident? Did I pack extra undies/shorts/pants/dress?)


Adult: *thinking maybe they can wait*

Repeat conversation and the silly thought about the waiting 3-15 times.

Child: I peed. Onna floor.

OR: Once they are GOOD at going potty, it’s like small children can detect any toilet within a 5 mile radius, and insist on using every.single.one, 99 times out of 100 not actually doing any business but show business on said toilets.  It’s like hey! I want to sit on all of the toilets. ALL OF THE TOILETS! I HAVE TO PEE RIGHT NOW!!

And yet, when they finally do actually need to go, we don’t always believe them, because they’ve sat on 32 of them without going more than a droplet…and then we find ourselves cleaning up an accident.  Again.

what i hate about potty training #pullupspottybreak

Lastly, there’s also the “I can’t like this potty” or the “This potty is too big, too small, too loud, doesn’t have my favorite books and why can’t I take off all my clothes to use this potty like at home?” syndrome.  Which adds some new and fun twists to the mix, if you’re already finding the learning to use the potty thing as special as I do.
Some kids are scared to not use their diaper.  I guess it’s hard to blame them, it’s what they’ve done since they can remember, and not doing so has to be kind of daunting.  In all seriousness, we just have to find what works with our kids and run with it.  Kids aren’t going to WANT to stop doing this totally cool and fun and what-if-nothing-in-life-is-ever-this-fun-again game or toy they are using/doing to use the bathroom.  WE adults have to figure out what works and try to make it work with each kid and their personality.  Like snowflakes, no 2 kids are exactly alike,  of course, so what worked for kid 1 and 2 in all likelihood won’t be working for child 3.  It’s like a constant work in progress, my friends.  That’s the magic answer.  Find what works.  Do that.

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I do have one actual, genuine tip- when you do decide to go for it with underwear, use a timer.  One minute is often the difference between a tinkle on the potty and a pleasant surprise vs. a tinkle on the floor and a whole lot more laundry.  The timer doesn’t have to be for the child, and you don’t have to be rigid, but how many times as parents have we gone down to switch the laundry into the dryer and then realized that there were toys to be put away and oh! hey! I should get the Halloween decorations out and before we know it, 15 minutes have passed….and in potty training time, 15 minutes can be an eternity.  I’m finding the older I get and the longer I’m a mom the more I need a timer- for ME.  Some folks swear by putting their little ones on the toilet every 30 minutes for a few days.  That’s not me, but yay for those who have that attention span.

Really, after what seems like eleven long and painful years, you will get through the training, and your child will indeed go out into public with underpants on.  Before you know it, they’ll be telling you how much of a big kid they are before bed, and you’ll wish, just for a brief moment, that they weren’t quite so big.  So maybe now I should admit that it wasn’t all SO bad… I mean, we made it through, right?  She’s not even wearing her Sully Pull-Ups to bed every night at this point. We did it!  Well, truth be told, she did it.  I just kind of guided her along the way and tried to help her figure things out.  (At least she still needs me to put itchy cream on her bug bites, right?)

im a big girl mom #pullupspottybreak

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies Pull-Ups.

About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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  • LOL!! I don't even have kids and I feel like I hear this conversation all the time. When I have to use a public restroom there always seems to be a mom on her last nerve arguing with a toddler that INSISTS they don't need to go.
  • I remember those days and have had that convo so many times! I would have used those Monster pull ups with the kids.
  • I was laughing when you summarized a million conversations that I've had with my son -- I don't want to go potty!!! Haha. These pullups are really cute. They reduce the stress for BOTH of us!
  • OMGosh you have me cracking up here. First of all, I love your disclosure at the top... I read it like, "this is a sponsored post about potty training and why it isn't fun writting" - I totally read that wrong hahaha. And then the part about once a child gets good at going they can sense every potty within a 5 mile radius - SO FRIGGIN TRUE!! And SO FRIGGING ANNOYING!! Gracie has been potty trained for way over a year (maybe 2 yrs now?) and she STILL does this!! Anyway, I never really did potty train any of my kids - they kinda did it themselves. Less stressful that way. Love those Monsters Pull-Ups btw :)

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