3 ways to enjoy Cheerios Protein #CheeriosProtein

There’s really two things I eat for breakfast regularly. I’m pretty boring and pretty basic. It’s almost always eggs or cereal with milk. Eggs are broken yolk, over hard- basically, cook ’em until they are rubbery and then I’m happy.  With cereal, plain is where it’s always been for me.  One of my favorite cereals since childhood and even today is Cheerios.  I eat them for breakfast and I eat them for snacks on the go.  I love them.  My family loves them too.  Some of them like Honey Nut Cheerios more than the classic version, but me? Original.  The classic. That ever familiar yellow box. When Cheerios reached out and asked if I’d like to try their new Cheerios Protein, I was willing, although the 5 year old deep inside my head was all “I’m not going to like it as much as my yellow box variety!”

Cheerios Protein. There are clusters of Oats & Honey, and Cinnamon Almond. Clusters of crunch.  Clusters of yum.

Move over, regular Cheerios. You’ve been replaced.


Who doesn’t want more protein for breakfast (ok maybe kids don’t, but adults, we have to pay attention to things like this!) ? We have a really busy schedule in the summer, with swim team practice, tennis lessons for the kids and then swim and dive lessons.  All daily.  We need a GREAT start to our day even in the summer to keep our energy up! During the school year, my kids are early risers, and they are done with breakfast by 6:30 am.  Their lunch waves aren’t until 11:40 and later at our school, so I really try to make sure they have a great breakfast every day.


Three ways to enjoy Cheerios Protein


In a bowl with milk (Note: Tastes amazing with Silk Almond Milk!)

On top of a bowl of yogurt (Yogurt is all of our mid morning snack in this family, and the kids will be happy to have some of these to sprinkle on top for their snack at school.  We are all about the crunch in this house, and Cheerios Protein delivers on that).

Plain as a snack (My favorite. The kids and I have been packing these in our snack bags for the pool almost daily. So good).


So why am I so excited about the new Cheerios Protein? Well, getting this family going in the morning means that I need to get going. I need the protein and energy as much as the kids.  We ALL need it.  More protein gives us the energy to do what we need to do and keep our bellies full! So many parents (even me, at times) don’t feel that their familygets enough protein in the morning. 2 out of every 5 see the time it takes to make a protein-rich breakfast as a barrier, making way for Cheerios Protein as the time-saving solution. Sure, a big spread would be nice, but it’s rare for anyone to have the time to make that kind of breakfast let alone sit down to eat it these days.

While 9 out of ten (89%) parents see the importance of starting the day with a protein-rich breakfast, half (51%) admit there isn’t time to prepare it. We all have places to be and things to do.  It’s how our society is.  Having cereal that’s giving me- and the family- an extra boost of protein in our cereal means we’re heading off to those places prepared for the day (at least, our bellies are) with enough fuel to last the morning.

Have you tried the new Cheerios Protein? Which is your favorite?



This post is brought to you by our friends at Cheerios.  Opinions are my own.

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  • I didn’t know there was a Cheerios Protein. I don’t buy much cereal but I’ll keep this in mind.

  • My kids like the varieties. I’m with you though, the plain is my fave. I think the Cheerios make for a good quick snack once in awhile too (for me, or the kids 😉 ).

  • I will have to pick some of that kind up at the grocery store. It looks like a cereal I’d really enjoy.

  • I rarely eat breakfast. I’m usually busy making it for the kids and then miss out for myself, so I should grab a box for myself!

  • Cheerios are an awesome snack. I never thought about putting them with yogurt, that could be good.

  • Great tips. Cheerios are awesome to snack on. I really love the protein ones now.

  • OK I’m a dork-I NEVER thought of putting these on top of yogurt. I’m going to try this tomorrow-I will report back :-) I’m excited because I usually add a dash of sugar, so this can replace the unhealthy habit I have 😉

  • Cheerios is a major staple in our house. Kind of like you, we use them for breakfast and snacks. Mostly honey nut. I’ve never tried these with protein though, I’ll have to give ’em a shot and see what everyone thinks.

  • I was the queen of skipping breakfast. I realized after awhile that it was actually hindering my weight loss. I have since changed my habits and I now make it a point to eat a healthy, solid breakfast every morning. I must always have protein too. Since then, I’ve lost 13 pounds. Go Protein!

  • We currently have about three different kinds of Cheerios in our home. Everyone loves them and likes different ones.

  • I am a huge believer in cereal… I not only eat it in the morning to get my day started but it tends to be my late evening snack, as well. I love the new Cheerios Protein. Adds the perfect crunch to my cereal.

  • I love Cheerios! I haven’t had any flavor of Cheerios that I didn’t like. I hadn’t heard of these yet. They look great, and I will have to give them a try!

  • I loved Cheerios as a kid and still love them now! Can’t wait to try the protein line.

  • I used to love eating cereal in the morning, but now I am gluten free. I think Cheerios are GL but there was the issue of GMO. So I just avoid them all together. Enjoy yours though.

  • I love Honey nut cheerios and cheerios multi grain. I have not heard of Cheerios Protein, but I’m going to try. I like to get protein in the morning. The statistics posted were interesting to read.


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