52 week savings challenge

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I know there are many of us who would very much like to bulk up the savings accounts we have.  For a rainy day, emergency, vacation, splurge, appliances- the possibilities are endless.  So I thought I’d share a 52 weeks savings challenge with you all to get ALL of us thinking about just how much we can actually save with an actual plan! This weekly savings challenge isn’t hard- and even if you end up editing it and changing the numbers- before you do, look at the spreadsheet closely and really think.  I was kind of “meh” maybe about the whole thing but then I got to thinking.  We want to add on to our home.  So why NOT challenge ourselves to save a little each week and add to that addition pool faster?

52 week savings challenge with spreadsheets


Here’s an image of the spreadsheet, but you can download the entire 2014 easy savings challenge FREE right here!! I think I want to do the reverse weeks, so we’ll be starting high and ending low.  My husband auto-deposits $25/week into a savings account we don’t ever touch for “just in case” and that has grown so fast for us- so now we want to see what else we can do!

52 week savings challenge

How do you bulk up your savings? Have you done a 52 week savings challenge?



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  • What an awesomely simple plan. I am a regular saver for both big and small things, but I like how fast this seems to add up. I’m going to give it a go this year and cover the cost of some time off over next Christmas

  • We also put 25.00 from my husbands pay into a savings! Until recently it was 200.00 a pay (bi-weekly). But had to drop down to 25.00 and lessen his 401K. Due to the new healthcare, I can’t carry him on my insurance anymore. So his went up from 40.00 a month, to 500.00 a month!!!! Yes a month. Also his meds will be about 500.00 a month. So we are trying to save a lot, but remodel our home so when we retire (if we will be able to retire) everything will be paid off and updated. Really looking forward, I guess it is forward, to see what else the year will bring.

    • Oh man, that’s a HUGE jump. We have to add the kids to our dental insurance and the cost jump is similar.

  • I love spreadsheets. Seriously I do. They are the best way to budget. Great share.


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