7 Ways to Find Learning Opportunities Each Day

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You may feel as though unless a child is sitting with a book, paper, and pencil, a learning opportunity is not underway. Well the good news is, there are plenty of ways to keep your child actively engaged. Take a look below at 7 ways to find learning opportunities each day, so not a day goes by this summer that your child isn’t using her brain to the fullest.

7 Ways to Find Learning Opportunities Each Day

1. During commercial breaks.

Take a moment to review a few quick math facts, recite a silly poem, or talk about the book you read last night during commercial breaks. It is a great way to make the break go faster while reviewing a few quick skills.

2. Sing in the car.

When you drive even for a quick trip, recite songs and poems together. This type of memorization is helpful to little brains, and if it is an educational song or poem it is even better.

3. Enjoy computer time.

Make time to explore educational computer games with your child. There are many free websites such as www.pbskids.com that offer educational content that is fun and family friendly!

4. Offer educational games.

Keep education items such as globes, books, flashcards, and other educational games in easy reach for your child. When boredom sets in, the items will be there for your child to explore.

5. Go for a walk.

Walks are great for exploring nature, talking, reciting poems and songs, or reviewing some math skills. Go for a quick walk with your child and you will not only get some fresh air, but a quick review in as well.

6. Make learning fun.

Learning doesn’t always have to be serious. Add a light feel to learning by encouraging games, laughter, and trying your best. If your child feels like learning is fun, they are apt to give it a try any time of day!

7. Reward little learners.

When you “catch” a child reviewing a skill, praise them. Offer them an extra 15 minutes of television time or some other small incentive. Encourage them to be forever learners and let them know you are watching!

Give these 7 tips a try and you will help your child embrace learning opportunities all summer long.

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