Back to school safety #LifeLockUltimatePlus

It’s back to school time again, and a common subject that comes up is that of safety. While that’s always something to worry about (especially when you’re a parent), back to school time brings up a whole bundle of concerns in itself.

 Back to School Safety

How will your child get to school?


Can they walk to the bus stop alone?


Can they be trusted to stay home alone?


Can they be trusted with their own house key, or should a neighbor let them in?


This and many other issues are things that you must consider during the fall. Safety is important, especially when it comes to children. While there isn’t any easy button for parents to magically keep your children safe (trust me I’d be the first investor), there are logical steps that you can take to prevent as many hazards as possible.


Same rings true for your household, and your identity.


That’s why, if you haven’t already, you should include LifeLock’s identity theft protection to your back to school list. The LifeLock Site offers an entire suite of products tailored to fit your individual needs. Purchase as much, or as little protection as you need for your family.

lifelock logo

Here are some of LifeLock’s newest features:


Traditonal LifeLock Standard is still just $9.99 and includes all the create features it always has.


In addition to the standard version, you have a few more options; LifeLock Advantage at $19.99 and LifeLock Ultimate plus at $29.99. Both of these products include personalized activity alerts on credit card, check, and savings account transactions.


The LifeLock Ulitmate Plus product also includes activity alerts on member’s investment accounts adding more peace of mind against identity theft. Want to protect your children as well? Of course you do. LifeLock offers a junior product for children alont with the adult membership. This gives you an alert anytime someone is looking for your childs info for credit and services. If something is found, you’ll be alerted by text, phone or email.


LifeLock covers the bases for your entire family. Hop over to and use the promo code “LifeLockSafety” to receive 10% off your purchase with LifeLock.


It’s back to school time again, and a common subject that comes up is that of safety. While that’s always something to worry about (especially when you’re a parent), back to school time brings up a whole bundle of concerns in itself.


How will your child get to school?


This post is brought to you by our friends at LifeLock. Opinions are my own.


Things to do before you travel #LifeLockSafety

Being prepared for a vacation can make or break the entire experience. If you’re anything like me, you spend countless hours preparing to make sure that nothing is forgotten. I make lists. I make lists of my lists. I go over and over the luggage, to be sure that each article of clothing is included. Next, I check that we each have everything we need in our carry on bags, all of our personal hygiene items are packed, we’ve got cash, cards, itinerary’s, tickets, hotel reservations, etc.   Once I’m satisfied that we’ve packed each and everything we need, I inevitably spend the entire ride to the airport wondering whether we’ve remembered to close the garage door, shut off the iron, and lock all the doors.

One thing I never thought about, however, was that traveling actually leaves you even more open to another kind of threat. Identity theft. Advertisement Luckily, I have peace of mind against identity theft. I have LifeLock! LifeLock is at the forefront of identity theft protection.


In fact, a recent article on their website gives some awesome tips to help protect you against identity theft during the summer travel season.   Here are a few of the my favorites things to do before you travel from the LifeLock list:

Stop mail: Call your local post office and have your mail stopped while on vacation. Letting it pile up, or even having a neighbor deliver it, is an indicator to predators that you are not home.  

Call your bank and credit card companies: Be sure to alert them that you will be traveling. Alerting them to when and where you will be traveling will help them to monitor your accounts right along with you.

Don’t tell the world you’re traveling: Save your travel photos until you return home, when possible, and be careful sharing on social networks that you will be traveling.


These are just a few of the many great tips provided by LifeLock. Be sure to read the full list here. LifeLock also has a new book out called  “Stolen Identity: What Anyone with a Name, Birthdate and Social Security Number Needs to Know Now.” Identity theft is one of the most widespread and fast-evolving crimes, but many people don’t realize that it goes far beyond having a credit card number stolen. It can jeopardize your healthcare, block you from receiving the tax refund you’re due, interfere with a job or loan, and even run up debt for your children or elderly parents. Learn more about the alarming ways identity in which thieves operate today and what you can do to reduce your chances of having your identity stolen.

I value the peace of mind I get with LifeLock, and would love to share it with all of my readers. Hop on over to the site and use the promo code “LifeLockSafety” for 10%!

lifelock logo

This post is brought to you by our partnership with LifeLock. Opinions are my own.

One of my readers will win the new LifeLock new book, “Stolen Identity: What Anyone with a Name, Birthdate and Social Security Number Needs to Know Now.”

Credit monitoring is not proactive identity theft protection #lifelocksafety

Have you ever been in a fender bender? If so, you know the headache and inconvenience it causes. What if you got in a fender bender (one not your fault), and found out afterwards that the insurance policy you had been paying for each month didn’t actually cover anything.?! Your vehicle would not be fixed. Chances are you’d be upset, frustrated, and feel like you were mislead. After dealing with your feelings, you’d then have to either come out of pocket to have your vehicle fixed, or live with the ugly damage it caused. The thing is, this is the exact scenario that could happen…. with your credit.


Most Americans are aware of importance of our credit score in today’s society. It’s everything. Credit score can be used to determine a number of things; your trustworthiness, your grasp handling responsibility, your maturity and more. It can be used to determine financial worthiness, employment, and more. Weigh this next to the threat of identity theft in our society, and you see why it’s so important to protect it.


How does this tie into car insurance? It’s the same concept. Credit monitoring is great. It alerts you to changes in your credit score, and offers suggestions on maintaining and/or improving your credit score. Things are swell. Until… your identity is stolen. At that point, you will quickly learn; credit monitoring is not the same as identity theft protection.


Identity theft protection doesn’t only monitor. It stands at the front lines and actively fights for your identity. You have the peace of mind that even if your identity is stolen; you STILL don’t have to bat an eye. LifeLock provides you reassurance, peace of mind, and a solid support system to help you keep your identity yours, and to keep you fully covered.

Use 10% off promo code “LifeLockSafety” at the Lifelock site.

Do you Advertisementuse identity theft protection?



This post is brought to you by our friends at LifeLock. Opinions are my own.

Identity Theft is real.

Ever had your home or vehicle burglarized? If so, you’ll fully understand the feelings of violation, fear, and anger that come along with having your personal property and/or space violated. We work hard for the things we own, and for someone to take them without permission is often devastating and lots of times downright scary. Imagine if this thing they took, however, was not a product you could replace. A friend of mine dealt with this exact same situation.  Actually, as I write this, it isn’t just a friend of mine.  It’s multiple. Some near, some far. The end result is always scary.  Frustrating.  Time consuming.

We’ve all heard the stories. Seen the commercials, read the articles. Identify theft is real, and it’s happening all over at an extremely alarming rate. As with any other catastrophe, however, most of us walk around thinking this could never happen to us. Think again. Identify thieves’ strike anyone at any given time. Race, ethnicity, age, and even credit score don’t matter; you’re still able to become a victim of this horrendous time. It doesn’t matter if you keep your passwords fresh and hard to guess (although that is a great idea, nevertheless). It doesn’t matter if you lock away your cards and vow to never type in a single digit of any of them onto a computer ever. In fact, it doesn’t even matter if you decide to forego cards and checks all together and resort back to paying for everything in cash from a shoebox under your bed.


Original photo credit: Don Hankins

At the end of the day, identify theft is real. It happens. It’s hard to correct once it occurs. It took my friend years, and lots of leg work to feel like she had finally won back her identity. Her name. Her credit; which is so often used to determine a person’s ethics, morals, and level of responsibility. When I asked my friend what, if anything, she would have done differently to protect herself, that’s when she told me about LifeLock.

Identity theft doesn’t just happen in other places, other towns, other parts of the country.  In the time it took you to read that last sentence, someone else’s identity has been stolen.  It happens every 3 seconds.

Every 3 seconds!


What is LifeLock?

LifeLock  gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your identity is safe and secure. In the event that anyone did try to infringe on your unique personal footprint, the LifeLock team is there to combat, and keep you safe from  identity theft. Their fraud identity protection is unrivaled


Head over to the LifeLock site to read reviews, and find out more about identify theft protection. Use the promo code “LifeLockSecure” for 10% off!

Do you know anyone who has been affected by identity theft?

Tips for Tax time and helpful budget tips

As I sit here looking at the far too big folder of all of our tax papers… and really just would like to avoid the task one more day, it got me to thinking about  budgets and taxes and ways to stay on top of things. My friends at Windows sent over these tips for tax time and helpful budget tips and I thought I’d share with you all.  I mean, we all have to pay taxes, right?  Whether we like it or not?

helpful budget tips

Are finances on top of your mind this month? With taxes due April 15th, there’s no better time to catch the budget bug!

 bing finance tips

Whether you’re interested in maximizing your refund or streamlining your finances for the year ahead, apps from Windows and Windows Phone have your back.  We love our Windows devices in this house (some of which were sent as part of the Windows Champions program but most of which we bought on our own.


1.       Check Your Status


Everyone has the same question as they’re filing their taxes – what’s my refund going to be?! Apps on Windows and Windows Phone remove the guesswork. TryTaxCaster on Windows Phone, utilizing the same calculator found in TurboTax, to quickly enter some basic information and watch your refund amount add up. Once you’ve filed, MyTaxRefund on Windows will allow you to quickly check the status of your return and give you an immediate estimate of when you can expect your refund.


2.       Make the Most of Your Refund


Sure, you’ve probably already made plans for how you want to spend some of your refund once you get it. What about the rest? Invest and maximize your refund with Bing Finance on Windows Phone and Windows, which helps you stay on top of fast-changing market conditions so you can make the most informed financial decisions. Keep an eye on all of your investments with SigFig, and sync all of your accounts in one place to track all of your stocks, funds, 401ks and IRAs in real time, available on Windows and Windows Phone.


3.       Budget Tips


Get in the mood to save more money for next tax season. On both Windows andWindows PhoneMint helps you understand where you’re spending your money with helpful charts and graphs that make saving easy. Use Billminder on yourWindows Phone or laptop to keep an eye on all of your monthly bills so you never miss a payment (and know how much you have left to spend!). Save for the next step of your life with MoBu Financial Management on Windows Phone andWindows. MoBu allows you to view your current financial assets as well as the opportunity to simulate your future savings with how much you can save in 5, 10, or 20 years!

 windows budget ideas

Make it Easy with Microsoft’s New Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850


You’ll find Microsoft’s new Mobile Mouse 1850 very helpful when trying to do your taxes, or stay on top of your finances from the road. Make your life easier and spend a little of your tax refund on this value mouse, that retails for only $14.95.


Designed for comfort and portability, the Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 is great for life on the go, offering wireless freedom and built-in transceiver storage for ultimate mobility.

red mousenavy mousepurple mousepink mouse

Comfortable to use with either hand and with a scroll wheel for easy navigation, this mouse is the ideal device for your modern, mobile lifestyle. I really would like the pink one.  I love pink. In case anyone’s asking…

Savings Challenge(1)

If you are doing the weekly savings challenge, and you’ve maybe fallen behind or want to do a boost, consider throwing some of your tax refund towards it.


Have you filed your taxes? Do you have any helpful budget tips?


No compensation received for this post.  As part of my Windows Champions Ambassadorship, I have received devices to use to familiarize myself with Windows and Microsoft.  Opinions are my own.

Time Management Tips

I am blogging about time management tips on behalf of Ingo Money and received compensation for my time from Ingo Money for sharing my views in this post, but the views expressed here are solely mine, not Ingo’s. Learn more about the Ingo Money mobile app at, or connect with the Ingo community at

Here’s the thing.  There’s 24 hours in a day and in this society, that’s apparently not enough.

But really, it is.

And here’s me, living in the rural suburbs of the suburbs, who forgets her wallet at home when she’s gone 20 minutes to get to the store… or the bank.  That’s ALWAYS fun.  Waste of time and gas, which costs…money.  The irony does not escape me, my friends. (Totally serious, our closest bank branches are 19 and 20 minutes away from our house, respectively.  It’s like it’s own event, going to the bank).

But, when I’m not managing my time well, I do stupid stuff like leave to go grocery shop WITHOUT MY PURSE OR WALLET. Also, it’s not a good idea to rely on a 4, 6 or 8 year old to always remember that you should have your wallet.  The day they forget, you will too.  Or so I’ve heard.

So here are some time management tips from ME.

time management tips

1. Get off of Facebook.

2. Get off of Pinterest

3. Stop laughing, and since none of us is going to get off either of those, not soon anyway, make a pointed decision to LIMIT your time on those sites and stick to it.  2 minutes turns into 2 hours FAST, my friends. I’m living proof.

4. Use a calendar.  Use COLOR on your calendar.  Colors for people who live in your house, or colors by what kind of thing you are entering. Write things down.  Don’t schedule 14 things on one day. It’s not healthy.

5. Delegate (if you live with 7 cats and no other humans, you can skip this one. I understand). I’m still working on getting better with this. But really, delegate, ask for help… whatever. I’ve started asking friends if they want to each drive one way to  parties, activities, sports practices instead of all of us following one another in our cars.  It’s kind of silly).

6. Make lists. USE the lists. I even make lists of lists. I love lists. Make lists of what you have to do for the day or week, and figure out how much time it will take to complete the tasks.  If you have to go to a laundromat to do laundry, clip your coupons and sort, file etc while there.  Pay your bills while there.

7. Plan ahead- for meals, shopping errands.  Seriously. See the above comment where I, the moron, get all the way to the bank without my wallet?  Unfortunately for me, I DO plan ahead for errands, because I hate to drive 20 minutes for one thing. So, I do them at once. Which of course is pointless when I forget my wallet. But on the other days when I’m not a moron, it works out well. Instead of zigzagging all over town or making three trips, I knock 4-5 errands off of my list (see #6!) and get them all done when I’m already in that area. Less time spent, and time spent efficiently.

Time is money.  If you waste all of your time, you don’t have much left at the end of the day, or week, or month. So why not spend a little time planning ahead so you aren’t wasting time?

And, remember, Facebook will still be there a few hours after you log off.  I promise.  Or maybe shut down. I’m not sure the last time I logged out was….

Oh, and don’t forget to include some “you” time in your planning.  A little downtime, playing games, reading a book, exercise- something you enjoy, to recharge YOU.


ingo money

I’m looking more into Ingo Money, the mobile app that lets you load funds from approved checks directly onto your participating Visa Prepaid card. In with a check, on with your life. I could totally skip the bank sometimes!! One less errand = more time for ME. Ingo Money is available on the App Store and Google Play Store app.

ingo money instant win

Be sure to check out the Ingo Money Minutes Instant Win Game. You could win one of 4 $20 eGift Cards daily and/or be entered to win a $500 grand prize.  Share with friends on Facebook and Twitter for extra entries. Takes a few seconds to enter (I’m not a winner today so I upped your odds, you are welcome!)


What are your best time management tips?



52 week savings challenge

I know there are many of us who would very much like to bulk up the savings accounts we have.  For a rainy day, emergency, vacation, splurge, appliances- the possibilities are endless.  So I thought I’d share a 52 weeks savings challenge with you all to get ALL of us thinking about just how much we can actually save with an actual plan! This weekly savings challenge isn’t hard- and even if you end up editing it and changing the numbers- before you do, look at the spreadsheet closely and really think.  I was kind of “meh” maybe about the whole thing but then I got to thinking.  We want to add on to our home.  So why NOT challenge ourselves to save a little each week and add to that addition pool faster?

52 week savings challenge with spreadsheets


Here’s an image of the spreadsheet, but you can download the entire 2014 easy savings challenge FREE right here!! I think I want to do the reverse weeks, so we’ll be starting high and ending low.  My husband auto-deposits $25/week into a savings account we don’t ever touch for “just in case” and that has grown so fast for us- so now we want to see what else we can do!

52 week savings challenge

How do you bulk up your savings? Have you done a 52 week savings challenge?



AXE Rewards Program $100 Walmart Giveaway

I went on an adventure instore to Walmart to document AXE rewards program to help Lunchbox get the word about about this new rewards campaign. We needed a few more cookie decorating things plus I noticed that hubby was almost out of his AXE shower gel and hey, that’s a GREAT stocking stuffer!!  So, in the spirit of killing 2 birds with one stone, my little holiday helper and I headed to our local store on Friday morning.  Yep, I braved holiday shoppers at Walmart (and surprisingly, it wasn’t very crowded.  I was very happy.  It wasn’t even stressful!!)

Keep it clean…and get rewarded for it!


Want to get rewarded for buying your favorite AXE® Shower Gel products at Walmart? Now you can!

Right now, when you buy 4 AXE® Shower Gel products at Walmart, you can instantly receive a $5 Walmart eGift Card! eGift cards are redeemable in-store or on!

It’s easy: Just visit or text AXEWM to 24587 to scan your receipt. Don’t miss out: Offer is good from 12/19/13 to 1/19/14.

There should be tags on the shower gels that give direction on how to sign up and scan the receipt- however, I haven’t found them at 2 local Walmart stores near us and was still able to find the necessary information via my mobile phone at: So if you are like me and can’t find the tags, don’t stress. It’s  all doable.

For a complete list of offers and rules, visit

 One reader will win a $100 Walmart Gift Card. You will enter on the Giveaway Tools form below. Please note that all entries WILL be verified and if you don’t do the mandatory, all other entries are disqualified by default.



10 Ways to Save on Electric Bills

That’s right, my friends.  You can save money on your electric bills.  There are a lot of things you can do that don’t take  a lot of effort, but can really make a big impact when that bill comes through! This post with 10 ways to save on electric bills is brought to you by our friends at Suave.


1. Turn DOWN your heat.  I know, I know, I like being warm too.  But by lowering the thermostat just a few degrees, your savings will start adding up fast.  My kids are used to having an extra layer on during cold months.  Besides, this is a good reason to snuggle up on the couch with a soft blanket!

2. Get insulated curtains.  They’ll keep the warm in and the cold OUT.

3. When the sun is shining, open the curtains.  Let that light in so it can help warm the house! An added bonus of this is that you can have a brighter house for a bit.  That always brightens my mood :)

4. Wash laundry in cold water, not warm.  Most fabrics don’t need it, and I promise you, most anything you wash can’t feel the difference.

5. Exercise OUTside.  Oh, yes, it’s cold.  But going for a walk outside doesn’t cost a penny of electricity

6. Charge your devices in the car.  I’m totally serious.  Rarely do we charge things in an outlet here at our house, and we haven’t for years! We charge as we drive- no electricty used.

7. If you aren’t using it, unplug it or turn the power strip off.  The TV and game systems, BluRay, etc are all on a power strip.  No one uses them during the day, so they are off most of the time.  We’re not using them, so why pay for them to be on?!

8. Cook once, eat twice.  Roasting a chicken?  Buy a larger one and cook it- the next day, shred the leftovers for a chicken salad with some bread.  No cooking (less clean up too) and no electricity used!

9. After you use your oven, leave the door ajar to warm up your kitchen.  Shutting it just wastes what you heated already!

10. Buy any 3 Suave® products and get $5 off your utility bill!


How do you do this?

  1. Buy any 3 Suave products at Walmart
  2. Snap a photo of your receipt, and email it to Go to for details and instructions.
  3. Receive $5 to pay towards your water, hear, or electric bill.

What are your tips to save on electric bills?

Holiday Bonus Gift Card Offers

There are SO MANY Holiday Bonus Gift Card Offers out this time of year.  I decided to share as many as I can find with you so that you can keep track in one place (which is what I need to do)!

gift cards

Holiday Bonus Gift Card Offers

Applebee’s – Buy $50 in Gift Cards and receive a $10 Bonus Card (exp 2/28/14).

*NEW* Benihana – Get a $10 Promotional Card (valid 1/02/14 – 3/31/14) when you buy $50 in Benihana Gift Cards . (exp 12/31/13)

Bonefish Grill – Gift $100 worth of Gift Cards and you will get a FREE $20 Bonus Card (valid 1/1/14-2/10/14).

Boston Market – Receive a FREE $5 Bonus Gift Card for every $25 Gift Card purchased.

Buca di Beppo – Receive a $15 Reward Card (valid 1/1/14-2/28/14) when you purchase $50 in Gift Cards. If purchasing online you’ll receive your Reward Card via email within 5 business days.

Buffalo Wild Wings – Purchase $25 in Gift Cards and get a Blazin’ Bonus card that’s worth up to $100. This offer is valid in the restaurant only and while supplies last until December 31, 2013. The Bonus Card is valid January 1-February 28, 2014.

Butterbees – (Cincinnati, OH) Buy $50 in Gift Cards, receive a $10 Bonus Card. Purchase $100 in Gift Cards receive a $25 Bonus Card.

*NEW* California Pizza Kitchen – All registered members of Califonria Pizza Kitchen’s Pizza Dough loyal program will receive a $20 bonus card (redeem after 1/14/14) for every $100 or more in California Pizza Kitchen Gift Cards.

Carabba’s Italian Grill – Through 12/31/13 receive a $20 Bonus Card (valid 1/1/14-2/10/14) for every $100 in gift cards purchased.

Caribou Coffee – For every $25 or more in eGift Cards and receive a $5 eGift Card bonus. (exp 12/31/13)

*NEW* Carl’s/Hardee’s – Purchase $20 in gift cards and receive a coupon good for a FREE Original Size Dollar Thickburger. (exp 12/31/13)

*NEW* Cheesecake Factory – Receive a FREE slice of cheesecake (valid 1/1/14-3/30/14) with every $25 Cheesecake Factory gift cards purchased.

Chili’s – Get a $10 Bonus Card when you purchase $50 in Gift Cards.

City BBQ – From now until 12/24/13 purchase $25 in Gift Cards and receive a $5 Bonus Gift Card (valid after 12/25/13).

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Kroger – Receive 4 times fuel rewards (4 fuel points for every $1 spent) when you purchase a Gift Card at your local Kroger store from now until December 8, 2013. Sign into your Kroger account and load savings on your Gift Card Purchases. It’s like a win, win, win!

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