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We are in the age of electronics and technology.  Love it or hate it, it’s part of our lives.  We can embrace it, moderate it, or try to keep it at bay, but the chances are, living in this era, our kids will be “hooked up” to something, at some point.  My feeling is, as with almost anything, moderation is ok.  I don’t mind my kids watching television- in moderation.  Same with sweets.  Now that they are getting older, we’re also allowing them to use the computer, in moderation. This is where sites like come in. is  an early childhood educational website targeting children 3-5 years of age.

This website is fully interactive and includes fun and educational games, stories, videos, worksheets, and arts and crafts projects- all  developed by child experts and educators.  These activities help children in building the skills necessary to succeed in school. Not only are they helping develop skills, but they are fun, engaging and age-appropriate activities grouped by both activity type, subject matter and age level.  Directions are clear and simple, and very visual, which is great for pre-and early readers.

We’ve spent a lot of time (perhaps too much time) playing “Hook the Fish” which is just how it sounds- a game for fishing- you need to direct the cursor using your mouse or arrow keys, and when you lose a worm, replace it- there is also a basket to put your catches into. Both my 6 and 4 year old love this game.  They love fishing, so they’ve been asking over and over, mom can we fish on your computer? I don’t mind- its giving them basic computer skills and they are enjoying something together, and they do it while I’m making dinner so I can interact with them and help if they get stuck.

We’ve also had a lot of fun with the worksheets.  This may be my kids but we love worksheets and workbooks in this family.  Well, except my husband. But I’ve always loved them, and the kids do too.  The little kids love having “homework” to do while big sister is doing her own work for school!  They like to “shop” for new worksheets.

worksheets, printable worksheets, free printable worksheets is a great, free website that is one we’ll definitely keep bookmarked for the kids for a very long time.  Quality, educational and interactive games and activities that are age appropriate.

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  • Cute games. But I have one complaint. In the “Pop a Balloon” game (in the Fun Games section), the instructions say: “Pop as many balloon as you can.” Instead of “balloons”. It would be nice if kids games actually contained correct grammar. Even “as many fishes” is a little suspicious. I guess I’ll just stick with my Knowledge Mouse games.

    • didn’t even notice- great catch!

  • My oldest LOVES worksheets too, this looks like a great website thanks so much for sharing it!!

  • Looks like a game I might have fun playing too!

  • Free learning tool, that’s great. I have to check this out.

  • I love that they are cute, fun games that children will love and that it offers an educational value too. And you can’t beat free!

  • I love that it’s free! I’m always looking for learning games for the children.

  • Thank you! I love finding new places for my kids to learn on plus have fun at the same time. We are also a worksheet loving family!

  • These look like fun games for kids – very simple but visually appealing!
    I like that they have worksheets for kids to do – that’s a good “value – added” aspect to this site! Are they electronic also or do you print them out?


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