Date Night at Home

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When you don’t have family around to babysit for you, and don’t have a lot of disposable income, going out for date night isn’t always feasible. I mean, it sure is fun, but there is the cost incurred of paying a sitter and whatever you actually do for your date night. That can add up quickly.

One thing that my husband and I have been making an effort to do at least once a month is to have date night at home. It isn’t always (rarely) fancy, and it’s definitely not expensive, but it’s an evening where we feed the kids and get them to bed, and then have our own evening plans. This post is sponsored by Dr. Oetker.

Usually, we’ll make an adult-friendly meal, which may be take out, delivery, or something we make.  Someday, maybe we’ll make something together. We’ll often set the table, or at least get out placemats, my china, and light a candle.

date night at home
We enjoy a meal together, just the two of us.  No plastic cups (unless we decide to dine al fresco on the grass in the yard), no kids spilling, no cutting anyone’s food — just a husband and a wife, reconnecting over a nice simple meal. This past weekend, I wasn’t feeling well (again) so we did super simple.  We had Ristorante Pizza Spinaci and Pizza Mozzarella with some salad and ice water (normally, that would be wine in my glass!).

Dr. Oetker’s Ristorante pizzas are one of my go-to meals for our stay home date nights.  They are quick and easy, with more sophisticated flavor varieties, and oh so delicious.

We had a movie night after dinner. And nope.  No romance here.  Unless you consider Catching Fire romantic… although the time snuggling on the couch with phones, tablets, laptops off and just the two of us sharing some popcorn was romance enough for this girl. I just like the dedicated time to be just the two of us, as a couple, husband and wife, and not just mom or dad.  It’s really important to work on that relationship while parenting too!

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To see if Ristorante pizzas are available near you, check out the Store Locator. Don’t see Ristorante in your supermarket? You can put in a request with the store manager!


Do you have date night at home?  What do you do for your date nights?



This is a sponsored post about having date night at home on behalf of Dr. Oetker USA LLC. I received compensation for this post; however, all opinions stated are my own.






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  • I love date nights! Our date nights at home usually include cooking together, games, twenty questions or dinner and a movie.

  • My husband and I haven’t had a date night since our first born was born back in 2011. I don’t think we’d know what it’d be like to experience a date.

    • We were like that too, Desiree. Between that and having kids who are horrible sleepers, we were growing apart. we had to find a way to do SOMETHING :(

  • Awww looks so sweet! Pizza and wine would totes be my perfect idea of a date night too :)

  • This looks divine. We are well overdue for a date night!

  • We often have date night at home. This weekend we are doing family movie night and these pizzas would be perfect for that! Yum!

  • We never have date night at home… or out… We spend our days together and often go out to lunch and shopping while the kids are in school. So we don’t feel like we’re deprived. But I remember the days of living in California with no family and not trusting anyone to babysit our kids. It was VERY difficult.

  • I think most of our date nights our at home now! We usually do take out and a movie.

  • I love date night!
    It’s bit a little hit and miss here lately.
    The kids are getting older and are wanting more family nights.
    Which I don’t mind ;0) Much….

  • We don’t really do date nights at home but we do go out on dates. We are lucky because our daughter is a teenager, so she babysits herself! He!

    • Can you send her here? she can babysit mine too!

  • Date Night at home is usually relaxing with a movie. I should spice it up more with a nice dinner after the kids go to bed and before the movie. Thanks for the idea!

  • I love that you put no plastic cups, just like our house!

  • Every night is a date night at our house – we don’t have kids lol! Just kidding.

    Our date nights aren’t very creative – sometimes at home, sometimes eating dinner out and a movie.

  • We have date lunches a lot when the kids are at school. That way we don’t have to find a sitter or distract the kids.

  • We have date night at home my h more often than going out. It is a great way to save some money. We love pizza, so this would be perfect for us. Thanks for sharing. Looks delicious!


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